Why Take Online Learning At Concordia University Chicago

If you’re a student at University of Chicago or Concordia University Chicago, you can earn your Bachelor of Arts degree from online classes.

Why Take Online Learning At Concordia University Chicago

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Welcome to Awesome Student Life — a weekly column highlighting the most awesome university or college student lifestyles in the world.

The last time I heard about a certain campus in Chicago, I remember reading a news article about students getting engaged in baking at least 15 different types of cakes in the name of cancer research. There’s just something so great about learning about, and keeping up with, activities that keep you striving, pushing for higher goals, and pushing yourself outside of the box. By that I mean finding new opportunities to get involved, meet new people, and learn something new. As a result, I decided to enroll in online coursework at Chicago’s Concordia University Chicago, an online program that offered 23 majors with over 100 credits.

In last week’s edition of Awesome Student Life, I talked about learning about something new, living with a roommate, and keeping the boredom at bay by turning our schedules around. Now, in this week’s installment, I’m going to talk about going on a first-date. Before I dive into the details, I want to express my appreciation for Concordia University Chicago’s incredible location in Chicago — home to 37 colleges, 15 medical schools, and more than 1,100 companies. Not only do I love my classes — especially the psychology class I’m taking right now — but I’ve met some great professors and fellow students. I love being so close to so many industries and professionals I’ve visited over the years, so studying just outside the city makes a world of difference to me. I also love eating fresh food and having plenty of opportunities to run errands and meet new people around the city.

While I wish I could go to school in the gorgeous destination Chicago, I’m currently in a town where over 40 percent of the population identifies as Hispanic/Latino and where, statistically, people live longer than most areas of the world. It’s a huge accomplishment to make it through eight years in Concordia, so my time learning online allows me to put my best foot forward.

After some research, I found out that Concordia University Chicago offers an impressive package, including: a live student radio station, a weekly pop-up performance series, an online think tank for students, and multiple student clubs.

Not only does the package bring convenience to my life, but Concordia University Chicago is also nationally recognized for its quality education. On its website, Concordia states, “Alumni say the quality of coursework, faculty and students is what drew them to Concordia.”

As someone who was looking to take the difficult and creative psychology courses I love, while also balancing a life of helping others, I chose Concordia for its incredible lineup of online courses. There are so many unique electives like First Date and Cognitive Enhancement that go way beyond the “headline” sections of my psychology classes.

Once I completed the first year of the online program, my grades started to skyrocket and my GPA hit an impressive 3.93. Not only is online learning different in this city, but learning in this manner is my goal in life, so Concordia gave me the freedom to pick the courses I want and hold myself accountable. I saw a professor for every class, and I made time to see other professors during lunch hours and on breaks. In addition, I had a live peer tutoring team available for every class. Being able to contact professors and academics whenever I needed, plus having those weekly discussions live, also made the program feel very real to me.

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