Why Students Choose Online Over Traditional Learning

Fences were built on online course catalogues. Now they are being destroyed by new, free digital universities that allow anyone to enroll.

By Christine Hollen for Intuit TurboTax

Instruction from your teacher is great for building a foundation in a particular subject, but it’s just as important to get the best instruction you can to address the skill deficits you’re facing — particularly if they affect your math, English, or technology skills. Online learning has always been the staple for these shortcomings, and soon, it may be the only option left for some students. There are many reasons students are turning to online education, and it’s more than likely they will do so for the foreseeable future, too.

Streamlining The Process

All of the bells and whistles from a traditional classroom aren’t as conducive to success when it comes to reaching your young learners in the most efficient way possible. Using technology-based learning makes web-based classes much easier to schedule, set up, and keep in synch with family and friends. Students can conveniently complete assignments, assignments for home delivery, their portfolio with “friends,” and even their entire coursework together all on one calendar. All of this in turn means their teachers have plenty of hands-on, one-on-one time to help them solve problems — potentially even solving more questions to make them better learners — before they’re asked to move on.

Technology Is Easier For “Mobile” Students

It’s no secret that many students today are more tech-savvy than even their parents were at their age. From gaming and doing their homework on the go, to typing simple actions with a smartphone and a personal assistant, to learning in an online forum, many young people are better at using technology for learning than most of their teachers. They can take advantage of this with their online courses and coursework on any device from their favorite smartphone to their laptops at school. It’s a huge benefit, and one that many students realize.

Better for Students with Family Resources

Sometimes it’s easier to be a student with family members who live a few hours away than it is to be a student with families that live all over the country. Even with the income gap that’s been recently cited, there’s no question that students are able to learn best with the assistance of family, especially at a time like this, when they may need it the most. Online learning is the perfect solution to that challenge.

A Less Distracted Student

Another key benefit that’s worth noting about students using online education is their increased concentration when they’re on it. Studies have shown that what the Internet is usually: distraction. Students have the option to complete their online courses while chatting with their friends, chatting about life, and talking about what they’re working on. Not only is this not a high-quality learning experience, but studies have shown that students who take their online courses with someone at their side and through a dedicated computer or on-phone connection are better able to focus and become an effective student.

You can’t choose a class that’s better than your students, so make sure the education you give them is quality by using a specialized content developer who caters to the needs of students — so they can fully focus on their learning. Ultimately, teachers know what works best for their students, and online learning allows you to tailor it to individual needs without jumping into a schedule that’s too steep to scale.

All of these factors will make online education an even better option, and more attractive to kids and students than ever before. Think about how your kids spend their evenings and weekends, and how online instruction will fit in with those habits. You’ll notice they spend a lot of time on the computer — don’t make it a problem for your kids or you yourself if you agree with this.

Once you do, you’ll be able to give them the advantages of online education to lead better, more efficient lives.

For more information about online learning, you can search for a specific course online. These options can be found at Rocket Skillz, intuitolink, Coursera, Amazon, and other instructional service providers.

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