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Have you ever tried to get people to learn new skills online? This article is brought to you by a fairly new program and it looks like it has a lot of promise. I haven’t tried it out yet, but I have heard good things and this seems like an alternative to going on a field trip or work out with a coach where teaching is time intensive, costs a few hundred bucks, and is far from convenient. I had read the disclaimer and probably should have read it more carefully, but my instinct tells me it will work. I am a bit more skeptical of a personalized online program because the element of self learning is sort of the antithesis of a traditional education where you take the lead and help out in the process. You need to be 100% immersed in your program to truly benefit.

I am intrigued by the concept of these online programs that are supposed to help you learn new skills in a less structured environment than a traditional one-on-one approach. But what happens when I give it a try, and I am trying to make sense of the lesson? Does this virtual service really work? In an attempt to answer this question I went to Pdf.io and spent several hours on the website playing with my “learner wheel” to see if it would ever teach me anything. In a very simple way this should answer a lot of questions as to whether these programs really work, but first, let’s review what they offer.

Understanding Pdf

Pdf is a program that is known for its essay tools and works with a lot of the same specific components as Modern Journal. It is easy to use and designed to use in conjunction with other tools. I was intrigued with the “Learning Wheel” feature because there are several areas where the ability to build and modify lessons is very helpful. The “Self Learning” option is for those who want to hone their skills with specific difficulties, while the “Learning in Progress” option is best suited for the more passive learner. They all help facilitate the process of creating a syllabus for the learner and they are designed to be flexible with the abilities of those using it. For example, the “Activity” option will facilitate exercises that can be progressed through the day or schedule the teacher to assign on specific times of the day. This process has numerous other enhancements that I was not able to find out about when I tried out the learning capabilities for myself. So yes, this is a great program, I just have a little different idea about what it can do for me.

The Words From The Founder

Right off the bat, the founder explains that Pdf is “built on the premise that learning should be fun. In order to achieve this, learners are invited to become a student on Pdf.io.” It sounds like good intentions but I can’t help but feel that he has unintentionally shaded the goal of Pdf. From a self learning standpoint, I feel like this can be an opportunity to learn, but it is best reserved for those who enjoy the program in the way that it is laid out. In the Pdf.io site there is also a section titled “Knowledge Survey” and in a quote, Pdf.io’s founder writes “In my previous career I always felt uncomfortable with the idea of educating myself. My problem was that in trying to ‘learn’ how to build a Pdf document, I only focused on the material I was asked to write about. Each time I wrote an article, I felt further and further removed from my actual goal of learning about Pdf. The thinking was that ‘if I didn’t produce the article in a format that was good enough to be included in a class, I would then be considered a failure,’ and I never cared to pursue the more practical outcome of learning Pdf.” So there is some truth to his words, I just think the majority of people could benefit from the program in a more supportive setting.


I have a valid opinion because in all honesty I think that it is the ideal time when one is not yet in an educational setting. Sure, there are plenty of places where people can easily find the information they need, but the concept of teaching yourself isn’t really helped when you are part of a classroom situation.

When testing out Pdf I was very familiar with its predecessor Modern Journal so what I learned from Pdf has little relevance here. This is what someone with less experience would be able to easily find. There were some helpful tips to remember, but aside from that I think the knowledge I was able to gain had more to do with grasping the paper and the fact that it was short. Pdf is great for people who want to teach themselves new ways to

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