Why Self Learning Online Programs Dont Work Effectively

Antioxidants and other supplements are great and helpful, but online programs, some designed to teach and learn self learning skills, need to know a lot more about why and how they work.

These days, you can’t walk through the halls of many big companies without seeing a wall full of inspirational posters of “doers,” be they athletes, musicians, or speakers. They all pose the question “Why do you do what you do?” It’s a challenging question, and one that unites us as creative individuals.


The answer that draws most people together on this path is not to say why, but to do it and “do your best.” And the second ingredient to creativity is living with a distinct self. We all have a personality that gets us into the right conversation or the right mood that forces us to grow as a person.


In this era of autonomous, self-learning online programs, many jobs and businesses aren’t equipped to help their employees to get those living with a distinct self to get out. Indeed, the near future of this space will feature companies like Uber, Google, and Amazon offering their employees self-training tools online. But those tools are lacking in the capabilities of helping to clarify what creativity truly is, and that is where emotional intelligence needs to thrive in self-learning technology.


Creativity is intertwined with creativity. Because creativity enables us to move from idea to solution to solution faster, an increase in creativity has been identified as a key predictor of which industries will advance and which will not. In such a fast-paced and globally connected economy, it is clear that we need to learn to move with the times, and we must learn to go beyond “knowing” how to “know a thing” or “know how to do a thing.”

This is why it is critical to develop our creativity and mental process. But we can’t do that unless we understand what creativity really is. By the way, it is not about the ability to generate, manipulate or try different things. It is to recognize and exploit something not being discovered yet.

The idea of self-learning is wrong if we think that either we have to do it, or it will come to us. Self-learning is the actions of an individual to find answers for ourselves. It is not asking a question, but rather answering a question. It is not doing it so others will do it for us. It is an inside-out approach to innovation.


Self-learning programming is the training of the mind. It requires us to understand our mental processes. Most education technology-based programs cannot handle that task, unless they are already trained to work for students. Self-learning has a hard time working in fields that cannot handle both teaching and learning simultaneously.

Even allowing for teachers to assist in the process, we still do not have the ability to let teachers, often with mastery of their own ability, make choices. Instead, we have a version of an algorithm being programmed by a programmer to choose what to make. This model of self-learning algorithms is great for teaching programming to programmers, but it is hard to imagine it being used by an engineer to solve a problem with just the right solution.

I don’t have any hesitation in saying that the future of self-learning programming is going to require the time of a true teacher to make the right choices. Self-learning programs need to be rolled out at a faster rate than ever before, but we need to make sure they are safely programmed, developed, and “flown by”.

That’s why a true coaching strategy to develop an individual is needed. A respected teacher can help ensure that the right decision is made and the right technical skill is built for each individual who is put through this process.


After coaching, once a coach has interacted, it is important to assess the level of performance from the individual. We must make sure that the self-learning algorithm in the self-learning program is not providing an outcome that is too much of a challenge for them to complete. When we, as a community, ask those students to self-test during their education, we can have an idea about how effective the process is. If it is good, there is no reason why it would not be a useful tool for investors and executives to help them find out what type of qualities they should be looking for in a corporate life coach.

That’s how I see self-learning advancing, and I see a long future of learning enabled by self-learning education technologies.

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