Why People Hate Online Learning

There’s a certain overwhelming feeling one feels knowing that you just learned something new and you’re so eager to start working on your new skill. Since we never need to learn things anymore, it feels like a fairytale.

Why People Hate Online Learning

Oh, Reddit. You are what a lot of Americans feel about online learning, which I assume you haven’t noticed.

The site became famous for “raw” conversations. You liked it for the most part until the moderator came up with a little management policy: No trolling posts, no profanity, and no sexist or racist humor. Then moderators had to replace all subreddits that violated the terms of service. Oh, Reddit. You’re cutting out my flow of free entertainment.

In September, another moderator started the subreddit r/college, built to shine a light on the woeful state of higher education in America.

And I, like many others, immediately found it impossible to even visit.

The moderator promises not to turn the subreddit into a “heckle-fest,” but I hope the grammar cops are on their way, as I discover that also requires:

“bads comments or experiences must be allowed if that is, in the interest of the subreddit as a whole.” So take me off the table for public comment, eh, r/college?

And they won’t even let me see what was posted in the r/college comments section when the comment filter was turned on. These new moderators have apparently removed the comment section entirely, thus making any proposed ideas about the difficulties of college impossible to see.

An announcement by r/college moderator Peter Oakley says that there will be a working group of moderators and community members to facilitate constructive discussion of all things college, but in this instance, the actual moderators are being censors.

I think the purpose of this subreddit is to expose what is a sinister truth about American higher education. And yet it forces me to stay away.

When are we going to have an actual public debate about what is wrong with our universities? We have to find a way to engage in this conversation, and we have to reach people on their home soil.

My sister dropped out of a public high school in Michigan and ended up going to a community college, where she found a creative way to take college classes online. She now works with the Louisiana Department of Public Safety to help other students find similar success. She had a difficult time accessing the college classes on her own schedule, and we didn’t have the time to go to the public school to help her track down the classes. So how did she do it?

These days, parents are sending their kids to college by mail. It’s so much more convenient, for them and you. But for many students, it isn’t really more convenient. You have to spend a lot of time arranging for correspondence courses, and getting the paperwork in order. I’ve never forgotten the long hours my father spent on the phone trying to find the classes for my sister.

A former college classmate of mine, after struggling to find work, got $10,000 in federal student aid to go back to school. She then spent a lot of money on tuition and books, and worked two jobs to keep up with her student debt. This is a college degree for the people who can’t do it right now, but can’t even get a basic high school diploma.

She told me that she would have much rather spent the money on books, but that was her choice. There was a much better way to do it, but that wouldn’t be right.

If we are not going to give these kids the opportunity to succeed, we have to make sure that they have the resources to study for what are very challenging degrees.

Let’s put a spotlight on the crumbling status quo on the college campus. Let’s get in touch with our sanity, and start having honest conversations about the essential importance of higher education.

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