Why People Choose Online Learning Rather Than Traditional

Boomers may feel they don’t have the time to work on online learning—but this doesn’t mean they’re not using it. Over the past several years, many digital technologies have been developed to help universities modernize.

Love to learn? Neither does The Street. Although a recent study conducted by The Pew Research Center revealed that half of online learners say they’d like to learn from a teacher, only 26 percent prefer online learning to studying in a classroom, per Pew. While there is currently a better than two-to-one ratio of professors to students enrolled in online courses, online learning is maturing. Currently, 60 percent of students enrolled in online college courses indicate they have experienced positive academic outcomes.

Here are a few reasons why some people love online learning more than attending traditional classes.

No Phones Around

According to Pew Research, 54 percent of people prefer online courses because they feel safer from distractions. On average, 28 percent of online students say they think it is safer to learn online. All of this could stem from the fact that 89 percent of online students find it hard to find a quiet place to focus on studying. By avoiding distraction, online students can focus more and efficiently.

Most Responsive Learning

According to a study from Thales School of Management, typical face-to-face classes take a month and a half to learn. On average, online classes take one and a half weeks to master. The study found that students work at their own pace. According to TheStreet, that is what makes online learning so easy, and the ideal experience.

The Online Classroom Is More Fun

A study from the Partnership for Educational Research in Child Development found that kids are more excited to attend school than they are to play video games. The motivation to attend class was directly related to the teacher, and the engagement was most noticeable between school and after-school social activities. Typically, kids who attend a traditional school are happier attending school than they are playing video games after school. Children play with their friends, go to the park, or even hang out with their parents during after-school activities. Over half of schools offer child care, which puts academics on the back burner.

The Internet Can be More Private

School can be very stressful for everyone, but adults are not the only ones who get anxious when there is a large number of people in a room. According to Pew Research, people report worrying less than twice as much as they did in 1988 when they were attending class as a senior in high school.

Conversely, parents who play video games and have that other sort of social life (Internet) are said to worry much less about all of the factors that could put their education at risk. The online classroom allows people to focus on learning, no matter what the teacher has planned. All the outside distractions that a face-to-face class presents will be easily overcome via online instruction.

Why Online Learning Doesn’t Work For All Students

Although the standard of schooling is shifting, most students have yet to reach their goals. According to Thales School of Management, elite students face an even bigger barrier than average in school. Over half of student athletes reported wanting to re-enroll once their participation stopped. Students with no grades or low scores have higher chances of dropping out of college. These students have less dedication to pursuing their education than other students.

Some people who can’t get motivated to attend college may find online learning more accessible because their teachers aren’t around. Some graduates go on to excel through online classes instead. While it’s possible to earn a college degree online, success requires determination and determination.

While online learning offers more flexibility than an actual classroom, it is never the right choice for everyone. For that reason, it’s important to seek out the right online university for you.

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