Why Online Learning Is Just As Good

Get to the points faster with this intelligent online course tutorial.

Getting a good education isn’t easy, especially if you’re trying to be an adult in a world of corporate knowledge management and R&D management. (I’m an example.) This type of work can have an impact on your career, your very identity as an individual and ultimately, your physical well-being. To prove it, I developed a one-week intensive online learning course that I developed with my colleagues so they would have something to do besides make stupid PowerPoint slides every two minutes!

Podcast: How Creativity Gets Built in Life

The issue we’re tackling in this course is “how creativity gets built in life.” Creating content is different from actually creating things. The former isn’t really that hard, but the latter is harder. It often goes by in the blink of an eye. I know. I make shit every two minutes to present to people who love it, but I get so caught up in delivering a one-minute keynote presentation that I hardly notice what’s going on around me.

In our course we’re trying to increase awareness of a technique called the “quiet line,” which will allow students to pause, take a deep breath and then proceed to create a wonderful product.

How About Content Over Ads, I Ran Out of Money in the Past Two Years?

That’s right. In the course I’m teaching in Europe, we’re experimenting with a different way of making money and, more importantly, providing lots of content that students can enjoy — much less ad loads. This may be one of the most revolutionary experiments in education in a generation, if not ever.

We’re doing this because my retirement is imminent, as is that of my longtime colleague and we need to provide quality content that students can do something with. Why should we ever charge students extra to access that? Some of us have sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into this place, and we have a duty to provide that for free.

To get the jump on the competition we’re taking all of this development into an experiential media company that we run. This media company will provide a platform for publishing and producing a wide range of new media products that will be deeply functional and personalized, from fashion apps, to analytics, to weather alerts. This new venture will also provide consulting services in strategic market analysis and understanding how people use technology, bring new creativity and innovation to this content because I am not just a content creator, I am a talent broker!

What I Don’t Like About Online Education

Are you wondering why I am both writing and broadcasting a podcast about online learning? First of all, I own iTunes, so it only makes sense to launch my podcast on their platform too. But, more importantly, I think this is an exciting new revolution. I want to be a part of it. I want to be a pioneer because I believe in it.

Why Do We Need A Revolutionary Education Model?

A world in which today’s teacher educates people by telling them to create content or another fake design for a PowerPoint was built 50 years ago. It’s not changing fast enough. There’s no reason why we should think education should be whiteboarding lessons, assigning test papers, teaching well enough to take a test and then shutting down until the following school year. I don’t think students learn from this traditional “teaching style.” If we build curriculum that learns from students, we can bring meaningful content to students and help them solve problems and get a good education.

How I Designed My One-Week Online Course With My College Rival

One thing that I’ve learned is that I’m good at teaching content that is simple, helps people solve problems and breaks down those complex problems. It’s also difficult for my team to explain my style, and sometimes they can’t understand why they feel bored, overwhelmed or irritated. I want to challenge them all and want them to have ideas and creativity that I didn’t learn to have when I went to college.

I wanted to challenge my team to not sit in front of screens, look at screens, think about screens and obsess over test scores and statistics all the time. After all, if you really love to learn, but you’re a jack of all trades, master of none and innately lazy, then let’s get creative and get rid of PowerPoint!

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