Why Online Learning Is Important

Top websites for online learning include lynda.com, edX, RocketHub, and Coursera.

When looking for a career, sometimes it’s easy to think one should wait for that perfect moment to attempt to pursue education. It’s almost like you can’t go wrong doing your degree online, and you have plenty of time to complete that time consuming paperwork, two years or so.

But while there are certainly benefits to being able to opt to study at a time when you feel like your priorities are fixed and everything’s easy, sometimes it’s important to still consider the importance of taking part in educational pursuits. Why?

To get a good education you need time to get things right

Another reason to pursue an online education isn’t just for efficiency or to save money, but for an even more important reason. If you ever commit a personal financial error it’s to their credit, and they will pay dearly. If you’re a company, too, you cannot put your money where your mouth is. Such a slip-up could cost thousands, possibly even millions. You should never leave your responsibilities to chance and remember why it’s so important to get an education.

Bringing the campus right into your daily life

One of the benefits of going to college is connecting with fellow students, to all of their interests and hobbies. It’s even a rare occasion that some of the best students arrive on campus to meet on the golf course or at a Sunday table (at some colleges they do this for hours and hours). Being on campus can make it so much easier to form meaningful relationships, a bond that becomes a strong sense of community, one that can make learning and decision-making that much easier.

It’s all very different for online students. They certainly need to find a place to stay and a place to study and work, but it’s also entirely possible that they’re going to be a bit more scattered, which means they’re going to miss out on the camaraderie and a sense of community. But hey, this time apart is a good thing, and online studies just don’t require staying close to home.

Completion time isn’t a bad thing

Another aspect of online studies that online students may have to deal with that their campus counterparts don’t have to be aware of is that completion time can actually be longer than people may expect. That can mean that, instead of being able to hit those books in a few months, you need to be working hard to finish your study. On top of that, not every online course will adhere to a schedule that everyone understands, so taking a semester to get everything you want to know in is going to have you dragging the clock a bit.

This isn’t anything to be ashamed of though, this is just how it goes. You’re doing some studying that was meant to be done online, not on campus, so there’s no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed when you’re taking it easier at home and being lazy.

When making decisions, look at who you’re working with

Make sure that you’re getting the right experience for the right people and you’ll be working with the right people all the way through. No amount of money is worth jeopardizing the future of your student.

Whether you’re signing up for online studies yourself or working with someone who’s already down the road, you need to be making sure that you’re looking after those you’re working with. Students in an online class typically aren’t in the same physical environment as the professors, the professors are simply replaced by computers and Whiteboards instead of sitting on a teaching floor with students, as they’re not fully knowing the students to begin with. In fact, you might be better off paying somebody in the room and seeing if they are able to help you.

Get the best of both worlds

Online learning may not work out for everyone, but there are plenty of opportunities out there that make this the perfect time and place for someone who wants to do something different. It may be that you don’t have the space in your life to study the way that you would in a traditional setting, but don’t feel guilty and put distance between you and it.

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