Why Online Learning Is Better Than In Person Learning

Online learning is not replacing physical education. It’s fundamentally transforming how we teach kids today.

Sometimes an in-person education goes too far.

A recent article in The New York Times outlined how the tuition at some universities in India had risen to the point where the majority of those students cannot meet their financial obligations. This article is a jarring example of the falling standards of education, and we think it is telling that the basic premise of education should really be used to allow for more. With the use of online learning, we believe that there is a greater opportunity to reach learners around the world who might otherwise not have access to a formal education.

As a society, we have devolved into focusing so much on the construction of technology that we forget what it is that will make it all work. The use of online learning, which has experienced exponential growth in recent years, fills that void. The physical go-to institution is no longer the deciding factor in a student’s success. Whereas in the past, the institutions that taught one kind of curriculum, such as high school or college, dictated what students learned, or the method of learning, the online learning model offers the ability to use a variety of different methods to teach classes, as many people choose to learn.

A recent study found that students in online learning programs made three times as much progress as their counterparts who were enrolled in brick-and-mortar classes, and subsequently earned more degrees. Such a robust innovation is unprecedented.

As we see from our coverage of the online education revolution, one that has had a ripple effect across various industries and is advancing quite rapidly, it has been able to bring hundreds of thousands of people out of poverty or developed nations and provide them with education that they would not otherwise have access to.

While this is certainly one part of the story of online learning, many more are involved in the success of this innovation. The Google Cloud Platform uses AI and machine learning to develop online learning products to support diverse training and education needs. This allows for a level of customization that also can be enhanced through using multiple, diverse students. This addition is not limited to learning technology, but goes right back to a core value of online education that often goes overlooked: the use of individuals’ passion. While people of all kinds can learn from one another in this manner, and can take advantage of the ways online learning facilitates access to communities, it is important to note that online learning allows learners to truly “own” their own learning journeys.

Even if online education is great and allows millions to learn around the world, it has to continue to evolve in order to meet the changing needs of an ever-changing society. Focusing too much on what the next big thing is is just not useful; that is only a distraction that is detrimental to the creation of new, relevant and worthwhile capabilities.

As we launch our Innovative Engagement Platform, we are striving to create a solution that will both help drive new technology in learning and continue to align with the need for users to build connections that can encourage them to do their best work and be better people. When we look for partners who are dedicated to advancing both learning and community, we see organizations like GSV that are doing exceptional work to increase quality of learning, care and community in New York.

However, our goal is to also work with organizations around the world. Our team is in constant dialogue with global activists, communities and governments, and our intention is to integrate their mission with our company vision. Because how people learn will never be the same.

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