Why Online Learning Is Benficial To Nursing

Online learning has many benefits for anyone who is active in their profession. Nursing is one profession that is especially beneficial to students who are in pursuit of it online.

Why Online Learning Is Benficial To Nursing

Mismatch between science and degree

There is a disconnect between what science research says and how degree programs, particularly Bachelor of Science, put teachers into practice. As much as we have this high expectation for our teachers that if we want to develop world-class teachers we need to give them the best preparation possible, we fail to realize that they are likely going to learn that way,” she continues. “So much of what we see happening in schools today is in response to the skills teachers need to develop. They’re also missing the fact that teachers were meant to be leaders by nature and by doing this best they could become and stay effective. They are not meant to lead students through formulas and laboratory experiments that rarely create meaningful, authentic learning.”

Synthetic Direct Instruction And Other Relevance Measures are Stifling Teacher Development

Synthetic direct instruction is the practice of carefully tailoring an educational program to a classroom. It’s been a defining feature of teacher effectiveness studies from Barbara Zimmerman to Dr. Gloria Olson and teacher effectiveness training has mostly supported synthetic feedback without helping teachers develop through experimentation and faculty development.

“The problem is that these things are one thing to us but are totally different in a classroom where kids are managing the class and responding to individuals,” says Loudermilk. “We didn’t teach the best teachers to be naturally better at learning, which made teaching as a profession much less effective. It was also a recipe for turmoil as teachers did not collaborate well as individuals and in groups. They instead explored the whole classroom, but in an unfocused way.”

This artificial prescriptive instruction is also disempowering in that it limits teachers to authoritative styles that did not give them the skills they needed to succeed. “It shifted the burdens to teachers who didn’t have the best teachers because of artificial expectations and failed to keep good teachers in the profession,” she says. “We are calling ourselves teachers but we’re really supposed to be leaders. We’re supposed to not be robotic, but we are being relegated to ordering things and doing things in accordance with a top-down structure.”

Supervision and Individualized Learning For Teachers Are Key

What made any of this necessary is that there wasn’t any good supervised, tailored method for teacher development, but even with this context, it is finally starting to come around. Recent critiques of science programs have called for expert development, and evidence supports this. Priorities are shifting and with it, is beginning to focus on offering differentiated instruction which Loudermilk notes will eventually result in the spread of more generative teaching practices and subject-matter expertise across the higher education landscape. “This will be the biggest shift in learning experiences, particularly when it comes to teachers who are leading all of this,” she says. “We are essentially delivering knowledge with a variable goal and that means there is no cultural competence to make actual adaptations to teaching with minimal critique and guidance.”

Best Practices To Tap From For A Different Kind Of Education

What Loudermilk believes has been the biggest change in the current field of science education is that more schools are fully supporting evaluation, benchmarking, and value-added, and creating new constructs. For example, many science teachers have now realized that they don’t have to be the hard-core optimists that they were used to being but can be resilient leaders who get comfortable with the diversity of learners and ways of understanding things to support them in developing higher degrees in research methodology. The changes that have occurred in this field is a testament to the need for better teaching that leads to more research, not science curriculum.

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