Why Online Learning Is Benficial To Nursing

Professionals view online learning as practical, cost-effective, and reliable and the important reason to opt for a career in nursing.

Even if you’re a highly intelligent person, getting a good night’s sleep is a must. I’ve read both scientific research and old doctor’s manuals that tell us how vital it is for one to get enough zzz’s in order to perform their role properly as a nursing professional.

Therefore, when a friend offered me an opportunity to teach online courses on online learning, I knew I had to grab it. She wanted to learn. I wanted to help.

I felt compelled to help because online learning is one of the most effective ways to help accelerate the rate of nursing graduates who are in urgent need of a dose of practical, hands-on nursing training.

In fact, a recent study by the Institute of Clinical and Economic Review (ICE) found that online learning was “40% more cost effective for both employer and student than attending a traditional university, and 60% more efficient than attending university full-time during their first two years”.

This is a very telling study, as STEM graduates are in the business of helping others. We have a responsibility to make sure that the best people in our field are the nurses who care for them.

For our part, we are working to train the very best nurses possible and to bring them into our highly specialised training departments before we license them to become the very best nurses we can.

In pursuit of that goal, we offer a variety of advanced nursing degrees and associate degrees for the nurses who still need some extra help to complete their degrees. In the online courses that I teach, students complete the entirety of their education in eight to nine months instead of a year and a half to three years.

I’ve found that the students who attend my courses find they have more control over their learning. You can earn either a master’s or a bachelor’s degree online, and you’re only bound by the length of your class. There’s no limit to how long you can learn and if you simply have to cut short your course, you don’t need to worry about remedial education because everything is available online.

You can tailor your course in order to deliver exactly what you need. For instance, in one of my courses I would only teach 1,000 hours of content, while in the online versions of my courses, I teach 8,000 hours. With a shorter course, students are happier and more likely to finish successfully.

You can feel empowered as well. For instance, I always ask students: “What percentage of your total learning did you want to do on-site, off-site, or self-study?” If 10% of their learning needs to be done off-site, it’s a no-brainer that they’ll work hard to get all the information off-site, especially if that 10% is critical to their future career. It’s all about consistency.

And finally, you don’t have to be away from your professional colleagues, you can even collaborate with them while in your online course. For instance, I’ll be teaching courses that require only a few hours at a time. But some of my students might have to visit a remote nursing facility with eight to 10 nurses at a time.

By being able to collaborate on interactive online course videos, I have the flexibility to train as much as required without anyone in the group asking, “Where are you? We want to talk to you!”

So it may be that it’s time to admit that the extra four years of college was worth it. Well, it was well worth it. Working with nursing online programs is invaluable because they offer the ability to learn in a non-disruptive manner to ensure that students get the best level of education possible.

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