Why Online Learning Can Cause People To Have Glasses

The rates of laser eye surgery is rising worldwide and many medical professionals blame online learning.

Dr. Siegfried Klein is a German ophthalmologist that specializes in lasers, electron microscopy, and hyper-optics. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Klein is actively engaged in improving the quality of education online. He started his E-pediatric surgery practice in Berlin in 2003. He continued teaching in 2009 at the Fraunhofer Institute for Medical Computer Science in Hamburg. Klein has spoken to many board-certified training institutions about addressing requirements for training of individuals with the condition of macular degeneration. Therefore, the demand for trained specialists is increasing significantly in Germany. According to Dr. Klein, some prominent physicians are not prepared to care for patients with the aging of macular degeneration. Consequently, many children and adults have voluntarily decided to go under laser surgery or retinal procedures.

Dr. Klein believes that education surrounding eye health and medicine should be strictly accredited. Even so, online education can cause damages to the eye. The defects stem from the fact that web-based medical practice does not provide the same training that a qualified eye-surgeon could give. In essence, a web-based practitioner without first receiving dental education isn’t qualified to offer professional medical care.

There are many reasons why online learning can cause this harm to patients. Factors related to education include but are not limited to the supply of qualified and experienced professionals.

General Education and Online Learning

Online education only makes sense if a person is highly educated. However, there aren’t enough educated professionals around to educate others. Therefore, the amount of data provided online is extremely small.


In professional medicine, many doctors hold degrees from prestigious schools. Therefore, their professional medical education centers around top professors of the field. They provide at least 10 years of education before they are considered qualified.

Most clinicians without degrees are low-level and hands-on doctors with varying degrees of training in medical subjects. However, individual students often complete a limited amount of credit hours with a primary care doctor, and their treatment usually has little to no clinical reference.

Furthermore, the caliber of education in most online medical education isn’t as high as that of a general medical student and an advanced medical student. They are taught at a higher level and would usually get extra credits. The same can be said for those with higher degrees in environmental medicine.

Care and Support

There aren’t many people who have seen patients that are not insured and are experiencing a painful eye condition. As a result, those patients must fear going blind. Patient care is usually much better when the patient has a home base where they can receive professional medical care.

The website behind the most important aspect of online learning is CompuCareWeb. This university has published more than 19,000 health information for medical students. Furthermore, most websites that have teaching modules for on-demand medical education aim to get the student to finish a limited number of online courses. These students are looking for short courses on specific types of medical terminology. However, many web-based colleges offer higher than standard education.

Access to Resources

Some of the biggest industries are the medical systems and the traditional health care professions. In Europe, online medical education is gaining popularity. However, European nations like Germany tend to have more education systems for individuals wishing to pursue a career in medicine and health care. This is because both countries prioritize quality of education. The profession of hospital medicine requires more specific courses in medicine. Additionally, universities have more faculty to aid in the formal doctor’s education.

Vacation Leisure

Quite often, the scope of teaching on the web only includes computer science. As a result, there aren’t many conventional texts that are essential for educating doctors, nurses, or other medical professionals. For instance, notes about comparative anatomy only involves looking at two different equations, instead of seeing humans in person and how the eye tells us about different parts of our body. The Internet puts papers in the hands of people who aren’t trained to assess these results, let alone know how to decode them. It also limits the attention span of Web-based writers by making it harder to comprehend long technical notes.

The Result

The health of a patient depends on how they are taken care of at every level. Unfortunately, Internet medical education isn’t quite as sophisticated as the conventional medical courses. In addition, Web-based courses don’t provide standardized assignments or more comprehensive exams that allow doctors to learn certain parts of medical documents. In certain cases, we may believe that a surgeon who has completed training at an accredited school is just as qualified as one who hasn’t.

In summary, everyone is trying to create better medical education. However, it takes an experienced and competent health professional

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