Why Learning To Sing Online Is Bd

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Why Learning To Sing Online Is Bd

By Rob Miller

When it comes to music, there’s no better time than now to learn an instrument. And, while the skills acquired in the classroom aren’t a problem when taught via digital tutorials, learning by ear with apps can have its advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at some of the hottest and most up-and-coming options available to help you get a grip on your songs and even better, shape your rhythm and harmony. (Many apps have education as a key feature to help students improve.)

Kong Audio Studio

This seven-part app has a strong focus on rhythm-based music. Clips are designed to be simple to listen to and can be saved as a mix with other pieces to easily share them or create them for playback in a listening party setting. Some of the genres include Swing, Dance, Blues, Funk, Rock and Jazz. In addition to popular song clips like Whitney Houston’s You Give Good Love, Carole King’s Beautiful and Kanye West’s Gold Digger, K.A.A. produces instructional worksets and can even produce lessons via text. Additionally, students can combine clips by cutting them together into an edit-and-share file and drag-and-drop tracks into their jam.

Listen To You

This app is aiming to fill a much-needed gap in how we listen to music. It’s basically a stripped-down version of Spotify. The app recommends people’s playlists to them, saving them time and effort, plus they can order from a suggested list of songs. They have access to a small music catalog for free, but that grows to more than a million playlists. Learn more about the company here.


This one is a bit of a favorite among music teachers and educators. This app is primarily geared toward the business and leisure set. It’s free to download, but those looking to polish their skills can take lessons for a small fee. Lessons are often short and teach basic scales, workbooks or speeches, as well as some vocals. The platform also has a bit of a singing element in that it boasts a number of apps built just for singing. For example, Songs for Singing is a super popular song learning app that teachers can use to help their students improve their speaking skills or even arrange songs into a lesson.


Many of you might have heard of Smash — a popular music app that specializes in hip-hop music and has a massive library of tracks. This, of course, has made Waves a popular option as well. The content is pretty extensive as well, with 800,000 songs, 60,000 dance clips and more. It also has over 200 spoken word snippets and 80 student-pitch options for when you are serenading or trying to control the pitch of a song you are teaching others to sing. If you are of the mind that your student’s phrasing is pretty dreadful, there are a few decent tutorial parts to help correct that. Wave can also help teachers teach a string instrument like the piano. There are lessons and vocal lessons for both students of all skill levels.

Got Genius

This app is obviously geared toward classical students, but if you want to stay with genre progressions, you can explore the app’s playlist that is made up of many tunes from the classical genre. You can also set specific parameters to create you own band and tour. However, because it’s so expensive, it might not be a big deal for students who are trying to pay for tuition. Plus, the song library is only as large as its users, so if you want to expand, you’ll have to start downloading more. Still, this might be worth the cost for serious musicians who are trying to improve their music or your skills.

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