Why Learning Programming Online Is Important

Developing a programming language can be a smart business decision. In an era of rapidly evolving technology, learning a new digital skill can afford your small business an opportunity to build market share and advance towards its goal.

Why Learning Programming Online Is Important

My initial reaction to learning how to program on the internet was skepticism. “Cool, but why is it important?” So many articles portrayed programming as a cumbersome, complicated thing that’s hard to learn. I knew programming and coding were important to technology in almost every aspect, but why couldn’t I just learn it? The answer? In this digital age, we’re not learning as much as we need to know for a variety of reasons. There’s so much to take in nowadays, we need to find multiple ways to spend our free time. The internet has allowed us to explore so many different media channels, we need something less structured to find our way back to learning. That’s where coding and programming come in. There’s something cool about seeing your entire program written out in fine, sharp, short characters with a blinking red stopwatch, or seeing your scripts turn into HTML with impressive animation.

Unlike reading a story, reading your own script in HTML does something a bit different. It creates its own world. Maybe you decide to write your own script and give it to someone else to code into their own project, or you decide to create your own website in the HTML language so someone else can build the way you want. You get to control what you design and choose how it looks, and you can now use the HTML language in your news articles or animation. After all, we can’t all be Brian Eno or Jeff Koons.

Before I start describing my idea, I need to talk about programs that are available online. Unfortunately, there aren’t all that many of them. If you want to code or code-a-like, you have to either enroll in an online class, wait for one to come out, or seek it out on platforms such as GitHub. Even if you got a robot to program your code, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense unless you can use it on the computer or the phone, or you have to use the internet to do it. The general consensus when I worked on my own website was that it’s not that useful. The human element of coding or programming is the writing and thinking that goes into it, but for the average person, the focus is more on the programming mechanics and using HTML to cut down on how much time it takes you to generate a bunch of templates.

So my question is: why are people actually learning programming online? I do think it’s a pretty great place to start, but there are a few more important reasons.

First, it’s cheaper. Online learning is a lot more cost-effective than going to a university or university-affiliated program. In some programs, you can even get a degree! Also, not everyone has time to enroll in one of these more expensive programs. So many people choose to learn online because they have other things to do in their busy lives. The alternative is to enroll in a program and then go to class, which takes a lot of time. Online learning can be a much cheaper way to keep up with the ever-changing world of technology, while keeping our schedules open.

Second, it’s flexible. Because of my interest in tech and even through part-time jobs and freelancing, I’ve always needed to keep up with the tech world. It’s one of the places where I find most of my energy. I started to see how frustrating it was to learn a new thing online. You need to focus on your work and try to keep things rolling, but it’s very difficult to stay on top of what’s happening. That’s where programmers come in. Even though you have to write your own script, you don’t have to worry about having a day job. A programmer can write a script, work on his own assignment, then come back and edit it, another script, and so on. Plus, he can also collaborate with other developers and do things together.

So, what’s the point? Why should we be able to learn programming? Here are a few reasons that come to mind:

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