Why Learning Language Online

Learning a new language is always a thrill. Now, being able to learn at home means that the search for that elusive perfect accent isn’t so exhausting.

Why Learning Language Online

Have you ever found yourself speaking a foreign language when you don’t speak the same one? It’s not always convenient when you are forced to pick up a language just to communicate. So why do some learn languages quickly and others take a lot longer?

Researching Languages Online

To gain an understanding of the reason why a few people learn languages a lot more quickly than others, Biff Fowler conducted a study at the University of Kansas. As part of this study, they tested the different reasons why students get easily acclimated to the language they learned, and then followed up in two months after they had begun learning how to speak the language more fluently.

The two main reasons why students became more proficient quickly with their new language were because they managed to integrate their knowledge within the learning environment of online learning sites; and because they typically spoke lower-level languages, like French or Spanish.

Perhaps this is why people tend to study or learn new languages by medium of choice. The courses offered at libraries tend to be more similar to English-speaking programs. Courses offered online through online learning sites are often spoken in a lower-level language.

One might wonder, what has to happen to any language learner before they become fluent in it? Is it just easy motivation to learn the language, or is it something else? Fowler’s study is the first step in investigating the potential role of additional factors influencing rapid learning.

Playing Sports

Another article from Science suggests that sport plays a significant role in learning languages. With increased activity and involvement comes increased blood flow to the brain, which stimulates learning and memory. If you are in a physical activity that involves the use of your hands for controlling the moves, like archery or basketball, then you may find it easier to master that language.

In these classes, other things tend to take place such as video games, and these make the lessons much more interactive.

Another beneficial effect of sport may be the boost in mood that sport can provide to those who play it. When people play sports, they are more likely to feel positive about themselves. However, the effect that sports had on student test scores in the Netherlands, where sports and sports education are more valued, may not be as strong in the US.

So when do we actually learn new languages well? Some studies have indicated that reading words, more than any other means, can increase the speed of language learning. Although this isn’t the only way to learn languages, there are studies suggesting that it can be crucial for students to take a type of cognitive stimulation just once they have acquired the basics of the new language.

The Basics

So how long will it take to master a language, and how do you determine whether you will be able to do so quickly? The best place to start is with the basics. Ask yourself, how do I plan to learn this language? What is my goal for the language? Also, what are my expectations?

And last but not least, what is it that I am most excited about learning? Be open to new learning experiences! A Spanish class might be more interesting than a non-Hispanic program, for example. When it comes to Spanish or French, the first thing you need to do is master the basic grammar and basic vocabulary. Once you have mastered the basic concepts, you will be more confident and hopeful in taking on the rest of the language.

Learning to Master Languages

So why learn the languages that you learn? Can learning a new language make you happier and give you a stronger work ethic? Are you enjoying the learning experience? Are you more optimistic about the rest of your life? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” then studying a new language may be just what you need to improve your life and help you explore all that the world has to offer.

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