Why Is The Development Of A Learning Community Important In The Online Classroom Environment

When discussing learning and preparing for life as a millennial, our generation’s goal is to have a job or be productive in a formal learning environment. Since the digital space has become more than an idle task but rather a real-life learning environment, finding sustainable ways to make the learning experience enjoyable and effective still remain a challenge.

Why Is The Development Of A Learning Community Important In The Online Classroom Environment

It’s never too early to get your students ready for the academic and economic climate of the future, according to Managing Director of Machine Learning for Degreed John Sims. While preparing students for whatever STEM or IT careers they may pursue isn’t a difficult task, an early investment in teaching and guiding high schoolers in the STEM/IT disciplines, particularly in the field of emerging data science, is critical.

“All things considered, data science is one of the fastest growing industries in America, and New Jersey and New York account for nearly 40% of the most recent US data science graduates,” said Sims. “The industry’s future prospects are closely tied to the data science and cybersecurity needs of the nation. By pairing up with some of the world’s leading big data companies, such as Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and a team of fast-track and highly technical educators, we can enable students at the district level to gain valuable hands-on experiences in the cutting edge field of big data analytics.”

At GE’s Students in Technology pipeline, students in seventh, eighth, and ninth grades come together as part of the Young Jobs team and are tasked with scouring the internet for information about possible career possibilities such as data analytics, data management, machine learning, and cybersecurity.

According to its website,Students in Technology is a comprehensive science and math education program that challenges the ways that middle school students approach and understand STEM topics. Its primary focus is on teaching students science, technology, engineering, and math. Its team of dedicated experts view the program not only as an educational opportunity for the students, but as a window into a technology sector that is anticipated to grow in the next decade.

“Data science is all about evaluating and building data sets,” added Sims. “First, students learn to gather and understand data sets from courses like basic data classification, structured data, structured format, synthetic data, meta data, etc. Then, they are provided with the tools and techniques to query data sets—how to identify patterns, categorize the data, and use that data to test hypotheses. If the student is interested in the enterprise cloud space, they can then apply that data science experience to some of the business world’s biggest problems.”

Program Overview

Students in Technology uses a personalized curriculum that helps students gain knowledge and skills they need to thrive in today’s workforce. GE’s curriculum focuses on developing students’ critical thinking skills and offers them an opportunity to work on real-world cases. Each student is assigned a coach based on their expected grade level. Prior to starting the program, students take a STEM or iSTEAM course during the 2016-2017 school year. Students are also given an assignment to study an industry topic from among those topics.

After students enter seventh grade, they work with a data science coach to diagnose current situation; further develop their knowledge of data science; establish writing, presentation, and analytical skills; and develop the skills they need to be successful in an industry careers. For the next three years, they do the same work but then take an additional data science course and demonstrate their progress.

It isn’t easy training these young minds. Instructional technology providers have adopted new technologies, such as modules, that empower teachers and educational leaders with the software necessary to administer data science. Moreover, software like the Geometry Cam allows educators to gather pertinent data, film it, and analyze it using a variety of tools like Python, an open-source language software. The topics covered in Students in Technology teach students foundational skills in different software and methodology areas. Data scientist Sim’s textbook from Higher Education Promotions (HEP) aims to train teachers on how to further advance the program. The program also allows students to gain critical thinking and visualization skills as well as combine their lessons, edit their projects, and explore their projects at home.

Although it might be tempting to start young, it can be tough for many students to think about making a career change when they’re only in middle school. However, if an innovation like GE’s students in technology program shows future graduates a pathway to new careers, then it should be a conversation with a teacher and a parent. However, its importance cannot be overstated.

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