Why Is The Development Of A Learning Community Important In The Online Classroom Environment

Imagine being a teacher of a 1 year old: It is a very challenging job. You have to spend all day with that kid, carrying them around, and disciplining them.

Why Is The Development Of A Learning Community Important In The Online Classroom Environment

In 2019, the globally connected online classroom landscape will continue to increase in popularity with the growth of smart phones as its preferred medium of interaction. Today’s students, in response to this movement, are looking for increased access to shared learning experiences. What they do not understand is why, within this context, online classrooms are not seen as a potential method to improve this accessibility. Creating ‘labs’ that are less confined by real world deadlines and allow the virtual community to interact is an important learning development tool.

The central assumption in the theory of education – which follows in the roots of Homer’s Iliad – is that all students learn best when they are with others doing related activities. Students’ progress is improved when classmates are given the opportunity to share advice, experience, or experiences; this can happen in the classroom or on an online platform.

While education on any platform is meant to be educational, the question that goes hand in hand with our assumption is – why is a learning community such an important aspect in the online classroom environment? Well, learning community extends beyond the need for students to interact. It also means that educators have the opportunity to make people feel like an online learning experience is theirs.

Technology is not taking over the world. As digital learning becomes more ubiquitous and the online classroom becomes more prevalent, what’s more important is learning community.

Often when a person enters an online classroom or accepts an online class assignment, there’s a sense of rejection. Students have a complicated concept of community that we collectively adopted when we checked off a few boxes that have defined it for decades. However, the online space allows for greater freedom and allows the online student to be an active contributor and friend. Online communities are an effective way to create authentic relationships with one’s peers. The ability to offer one’s viewpoints, learn from their peers, and have these exchanges form this strong sense of community is an incredibly rich learning experience.

So what type of learning community can a student provide? Learning community is an effective way to offer a dedicated community with teachers and classmates that meet specific needs. A true learning community will allow for an existing culture to be maintained, allowing for a true collaborative learning environment.

Making Learning Communities A Profitable Possibility

Given the benefits that a genuine learning community offers, many have asked the question: why aren’t more schools offering them? The answer lies in the lack of a community of commerce. If you can increase the number of users, then the way in which a school fulfills its financial obligations will be affected. However, students can also be successful in a variety of ways without the financial aid of online classes.

Learning communities, when paired with technology, can serve as the foundation for a college degree program. To view the possibilities in this area, consider the disparity in cost that exists between online classes and traditional lectures. If you assume that all students (excluding those on remedial courses) can complete the required amount of learning content over the course of a semester, why aren’t most classes taught on a scale of 50-50?

As a result, if the majority of courses offered on a university degree level were taught using online platforms, we can hypothesize that universities would have to reduce their amounts of class and test materials – as well as their offerings to the student – in order to cover the savings. Through pricing models such as these, online learning services are able to increase their revenue while at the same time provide a greater opportunity for interaction between students.

College degree programming is growing at an exponential rate. In the next few years, professional skills development training for high-growth industries such as artificial intelligence and robotics will continue to surge. Without the ability to offer a community of commerce, a college degree will be less accessible.

With the integration of learning communities into existing curricula, institutions will be able to expand their institutions in ways that meet the needs of today’s highly competitive workforce.

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