Why Is Learning Something Online Considered Funny

Adam Thielen, some Green Bay Packers, but not you! What in the world?

Why Is Learning Something Online Considered Funny

Yes, I do like to laugh. Funny is something that makes me happy. It’s something that makes me feel connected to the people around me. I do sometimes feel anxiety and get frustrated. I’ve heard my mom in the past speak of the sadness of some online knowledge or time. But those feelings are just not the same as the hope and the excitement of something else.

Having chosen not to have one of my two degrees online, I know about the differences between the traditional model and the more interactive model. I know that many students find huge satisfaction in some of their best study periods to be after they’ve spent 12 to 14 hours a day on their laptops, studying for tests or in front of their computers talking to their classmates.

I feel a connection with my peers online. We speak in chat sessions, which I’ve found to be a great way to practice speaking in front of a group of people. Learning this “chat language” helps me see the subject of my lecture much more clearly. It also helps me understand my classmates’ strengths and weaknesses.

In a face-to-face class, I don’t get to see who is struggling and who is all smiles and even makes jokes. And that’s okay. They were very much struggling. The resilience of a human is something that we don’t necessarily see in video. There’s a reason why we learn from other humans in person.

Having continued speaking online, I have been very impressed with the qualities that can only be seen in person. Every day people in our chat rooms come to teach me new things, share their tips or their nightmares about testing situations.

I’ve felt like I was on the edge of the classroom for a long time, but not anymore. Most of the time I feel like I’m on a stage sharing the same things with people. Most of us share a common vision that we want to see in the world. It’s truly an amazing thing when we are able to get to know each other in this way.

I’ve felt incredibly lucky to meet people online that I didn’t have the opportunity to get to know physically. It’s incredible to have them tell me things about themselves that I can share with those I’ve never met before, but only online. Our paths would never cross otherwise, but because we’re connected in virtual reality we now have that option.

That’s what I will remember most about this semester.

But from all the questions I received, I’ve heard it all before. In real life it’s always easy to laugh out loud. You don’t have to rely on another human being to make you laugh. LOL. You have the opportunity to laugh in any situation without feeling like you should be worried about being embarrassed.

In real life it’s easy to see sarcasm or just act irritated with someone else because they don’t like that you spent the night talking about your essay or exam. In real life it’s easy to stare at people who give you the wrong looks for a little too long. In real life it’s always easier to hate someone because they make you laugh while you’re trying to figure out why this person just walked behind you instead of talking to you.

There are many times I’ve looked at another person and realized I just laughed. That’s not something I do in real life.

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