Why Is In Person Learning Better Than Online

In person learning can be more effective than online learning. As an educator, it was great to see how our students learn and if they learned on the web or in person.

Our local grocery store, all 11 of them, are located in the same general shopping area, Al Marder, there are twice as many of us as we were 10 years ago. The fifty feet between each of these stores is home to forty percent of the population. Ten years ago they were a smattering of fruit, smoked meats, fruit juices, a decade ago they were grocery stores, 7 days a week people come in and out, and 40 percent are returning shoppers every week, month, even year. That’s a million people a week coming in, returning, every week, every month, every year! I own a grocery store, it’s a great business, it’s doing great, has been doing great for years, I was around forty years ago when I started it. The average person who walked out of the store, three months ago, twenty years ago? Five years ago, ten years ago? Ten years ago today? Ten years ago tomorrow? That was a million people a week walking out that door!

They come in, they buy groceries, they buy milk, they buy bread, they buy liquor, they buy organic foods, they buy alcohol, candy, or they don’t even go to the store anymore, they go to food trucks, they go to delivery trucks, they go to Wonton treats on the street, we do a tremendous amount of outdoor selling in our backyards, bazaar style of selling, we do an unbelievable amount of wholesale sales, high sales, millions and millions of dollars in sales. Does that mean that my customers prefer that I sell them items in person, or online? I would argue, overwhelmingly, overwhelmingly so. A majority do. I’ll be very honest with you, I’m losing money on every online order, I don’t charge a delivery fee for an order placed on-line, which I sell. There are several e-commerce sites, there are several physical stores, I sell on-line, they do it all, big box stores, independent, and Amazon and all of those. It’s a risk, you’re the service technician for a company, and their customer is gonna send the order to somebody else in the delivery industry and not the retailer. These are unpredictable companies. They don’t have an outlet, here. So we lose money on every one.

The cart that it weighs is not usually the good cart, the online cart, it’s not always the one that’s going to pay for itself, you can’t sell a cart, you don’t know exactly what your profit is gonna be, and it’s expensive, you’re putting a new landing page on and it costs us a million dollars, and when our old one closes down, the content that was on that landing page, when our website, our e-commerce site, stays open, it costs a million dollars. Because when I buy, the cart that I’m looking at is not always, I might buy flowers for a woman who has been ill, and I’m looking to leave flowers in a box for her at 8 o’clock the next morning, I can send flowers through the mail and save myself an awful lot of money, and I’m at a loss to tell you, why should I pay, in someone else’s warehouse, to go order flowers to go put in a box, what do I give, money, a dollar, or should I save myself a couple hundred dollars and have the flowers take care of the costs, that’s what’s happening in our industry, the issue is the timing, because people shop to shop. How many times do you order Chinese food for dinner at 7 o’clock in the morning, and you order it from a food truck? Same thing, how many times do you place an order for French fries online, send it to somebody to go and pick it up, and maybe you have it delivered to your home, how many times do you order a whole loaf of bread online, so that you have that fresh bread at your home at 10 o’clock in the morning, at 7 o’clock in the morning, and someone has to go to the grocery store, and they go to the grocery store, but they don’t, they go to the food truck, and they go to the food truck, they go to the delivery truck, it’s called our business model, but that doesn’t add up for companies that don’t have our same service level, our service level is extremely high.

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