Why Is Engagement Important To Online Learning

Engagement is the secret to online learning for millennials. Learn how engagement helps students reach their big test goal.

Why Is Engagement Important To Online Learning

Recent research indicates that roughly 30 percent of engagement involves figuring out if a person will marry you, whether you’ll get divorced or whether they’ll actually commit to you. You may be thinking, “What? Does that mean I have to add marriage to my online training programs?”

To find out if your online learning program is important for your overall success, take a look at what was discovered in a study led by Andreas Schrimm from the Social Sciences Research Center (SSRC), Haupt-University of Erlangen-Nürnberg in Germany. The study took the age-old hypothesis that getting engaged is the best outcome for all forms of online engagement and examined its relevance to online dating, offline dating, marriage, mental health and relationships.

What is online engagement?

Because e-learning products (eLearning products) come from teachers and do not address a particular subject area directly, they can easily be seen as a form of “pure engagement.” However, it has previously been unclear whether a form of online engagement is worth the time and effort that students engage in.

Research shows that building a social circle and connection online really matters. An organization should consider whether online engagement is a crucial part of their marketing strategy. It may be that students are seeking more community interaction than they are teaching, while others may have trouble with the high-stakes nature of online courses. Those with connectivity skills and ambition may find that online engagement is an effective means of pursuing their interests. In contrast, those who are less social may view online engagement as a distraction from their existing social networks and relationships.

How can engagement drive engagement?

Due to how technology facilitates online engagement, there are all kinds of interactions that go on without the real value of any individual or community being recognized. This leads to loss of self-determination and trust. Engagement is important to follow-up on goals and move toward goals. During the research process, the SSRC found that ICTs (Internet technology) are an important means of building social networks, which in turn can lead to partnerships. For instance, if someone is looking for volunteer opportunities through their online dating website, they may be more likely to connect with other people. Online engagement is also helpful in promoting literacy and education. Learning technology was found to be a good way to enhance knowledge in literacy by posting articles and text books on one’s social media. Other research has shown that the learning technology community can help create online platforms to further educational goals like drawing audiences for lectures, equipping teachers with content or creating online learning sites.

What are some challenges to building relationship online?

There are barriers to online engagement which can affect offline behavior as well. Online engagement can be made challenging by the low return rates for those who give themselves up to you. They need to understand that their time is limited and you have to value their time enough to make sure they can have it back. Online engagement can be discouraging because you only get to know them for a short period of time and nothing is gained. That may lead to a knee-jerk reaction to look to get rid of the interaction. Instead, people can focus on personal growth through online engagement, understanding that their online relationships can be very short and very much about them gaining value from the experience.

If people take the time to discover if they are serious about building a relationship online, you may see people taking things a lot more seriously and communicating in a more structured manner to ensure that they do get the time back to talk more about issues that are important to them. Online engagement does not have to be permanent, and even though people do not see the whole picture, they become more aware of the relationship they build.

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