Why Is A Retention Center Important In Online Learning

Everyone likes a place where they can learn, and even the most difficult of people will not deny the pleasures of finding the perfect learning environment. All the learning materials that you’ve ever needed can find you in the best online learning environments anywhere.

The word “retention” is typically associated with a particular type of career: college. Still, most companies think of job retention in terms of continuing education rather than educational benefits.

Yet just because online education is relatively new and requires less investment than traditional degree programs doesn’t mean it can’t be an important part of your career plan. In fact, studies show that employees who participate in adaptive learning programs or online certification programs still have higher rates of success in their field—and retention benefits are one of the key reasons why.

Companies have a responsibility to keep their most valuable employees happy and ready to grow and learn. Businesses need to recognize that active educators improve retention rates by 68 percent, and employers can take steps to encourage future teachers to lead the way. Online programs and teachers alike can offer unparalleled perks to encourage student engagement, engagement with colleagues, and an overall sense of inclusion—and they’re more attainable than ever before.

There are a number of ways to make an online learning program more attractive to employees. Here are three of the best ways.

1. Provide Solid Dates For Class Schedule

Scheduling online courses can often be a struggle for more traditional learners—weaving coursework into a busy work schedule can be tricky. Online educational programs often have required classes that last months or years, as well as breaks for breaks, and many companies give participants the option to take a break and work from home.

But if your workers don’t have the time to teach the courses, then you need to think about other creative and flexible opportunities for instructors and students to meet during breaks. For example, having online instructors play an instructional role in company meetings and take part in company brainstorming sessions is a good way to encourage employee involvement. It also helps students take on a more active role in helping guide the development of the education program, and they’re more motivated to keep returning for more.

2. Offer a Free Online Education In Your Industry

Online education has made it easier for anyone to learn a variety of skills—including new ones you might need in your role in order to climb the corporate ladder—while taking time out of your day to do so. But offering online learning as part of a larger career focus doesn’t always mean teachers and learners will keep coming back, especially if they aren’t pursuing a degree or certificate program. To help workers build the skills and knowledge needed to work at your company, make learning a priority throughout the company and make educational offerings available to the entire workforce.

Doing so will make your organization more appealing to workers who are looking to learn new things in order to advance their careers. The same can be said for education programs designed to teach workers on a variety of different learning styles. For example, your employees may find that online programs designed to make instruction easier for those with disabilities or other learning needs are a particularly helpful learning option.

3. Emphasize Personal Connection

Many online learning programs offer both classroom and online interaction during both professional and general learning. While classroom-based interactions are the absolute best way to keep employees engaged and active in learning opportunities, companies that don’t emphasize online student-to-teacher interaction can be guilty of “measuring” learning on the curve that happens during the hours when classes are in session—when attention and motivation are reduced.

But student-to-teacher interaction is just as important during the lighter hours as it is during the daytime. Chances are, lots of workers are outside of the office, spending time with their families and in their spare time. This kind of environment can create a memorable connection between a classroom teacher and the students in her or his care. And it certainly helps someone feel more connected to their job, since employees who feel connected to their roles are more productive.

Leading with an eye toward ongoing learning and engagement is the right way to be ahead of the curve in your online learning program—and it pays off big time. There’s no excuse not to implement these types of programming into your employment offerings, and companies in your industry that do so can demonstrate that they value their employees in an incredibly engaging way.

Mary S Arendt, VP of Marketing and Analytics at Enfield College, is responsible for all aspects of our marketing and analytics initiatives and is a member of our executive leadership team.

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