Why Does Online Learning Keep Popping Up On My Browswer

So I had been chatting with a friend in her office about my course at an online distance learning program and I agreed that was a great idea. She was getting her postgraduate degree in human resources and I knew we’d get along for a while since we knew what we were talking about.

Why Does Online Learning Keep Popping Up On My Browswer

How to maintain your academic edge whether you’re traveling abroad or looking to embark on a writing pursuit during the semester.

At Brazen Careerist, we offer careers and employer resources, so we’re especially interested in hearing what you have to say.

But before we get to that, let’s talk about our latest break-out company—we learned a great deal about online learning when we launched back in 2013, and we’re still learning now.

So, before we review our knowledge about it, can we clear up any misconceptions for you?

We’ve got some tips for you on topics like how to maintain your academic edge, effectively pursuing a writing craft, and knowing when to hang up your tech goggles and pick up a pen.

How to Balance Online and In-person Courses

In our previous post, we detailed that the industry is increasingly shifting toward mobile-friendly, blended learning environments.

When you think of online learning, however, your mind naturally gravitates to MOOCs, which are self-study courses delivered via an online platform.

Even if you’re willing to take the leap, it may be important to weigh whether it’s worth it for you. What are you willing to invest?

Of course, knowing that you’ll potentially risk your time and monetary resources is one thing, but knowing if there’s really any substance to what you’re investing in is another.

Here’s our answer:

In a study conducted by the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, these is a number we like to hear: “it’s roughly 95% more difficult to come up with improved versions of previous findings than to replicate previous results.”

This means that an overwhelming majority of online programs you’ll encounter aren’t likely to yield the skills and insights you’re looking for. If you can’t find specific courses for your given industry or your respective career path, move on.

On the other hand, if you can find online courses that cover the skills you need, the various fields you want to get into, or related courses you’re inclined to take while overseas or on an internship (yes, we’re into that), there’s no harm in taking some time to do so.

We’re not saying just do it. We’re saying make sure that whatever it is you’re working on is worth your time—and your money.

How to Take Digital Classwork More Seriously

If you’re familiar with our inspiration posts, you probably remember our findings that digital photography and design skills are in high demand. These skills are always in demand, but we think they should be taken more seriously when you’re practicing them online.

We’re not suggesting that you stop taking photo classes. There’s always a place for them. But before taking a course, try out a live workshop or some real-world internships that are relevant to your interests.

The same goes for skills associated with design: For example, if you’re taking online graphic design courses to enhance your digital marketing and ad tech skills, consider investing in a virtual studio or doing it on a part-time basis.

While the virtual studio/internship aspect may be a bit expensive, keep in mind that investment in a collaborative workspace can potentially improve your creative output.

What About Having Virtual Courses on the Go?

One thing we’ve learned is that you can take online courses on any device, but don’t think that these programs are the same everywhere.

In this regard, we recommend visiting the Google Play Store or other Android Play application stores and reading reviews.

Looking for a learning app for your smartphone? Do your research. Take a look at top rated apps in your category. Make sure you’re comfortable with the learning platform and know that your Android device will be able to boot this up and your courses will run smoothly and responsively, and how you’ll get that information.

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