Why Does Online Learning Keep Popping Up On My Browser

Have you looked at your most recent credit card statement? Holy smokes, it’s been awhile.

When it comes to learning, one of the best options is to hit up a classroom. While online learning is still a relatively new trend in the education world, it seems more and more people are embracing it, thanks to growing tech support, gamification, and more targeted content. Here’s what you need to know about some of the best online courses on the market.

A+ for Class Design

Besides using fun and engaging visuals, classes from OpenClass look different from your average online class. True, you’ll still need to be serious about your homework, but you’ll also have access to entertaining, interactive features like quizzes and custom topic videos. Class design benefits from this approach, with active learning and real-time production content used to engage students.

Over time, the class should also find ways to tailor itself based on the students’ current knowledge and skillsets. This is a type of content curation that can encourage student engagement and help them find their passion.

Still Time To Finish The Courses

An inexpensive, online course could save you time. Compared to your local university, with a full course fee of around $20, this online option can help you get on your feet in no time. From there, you could continue to take additional classes online through OpenClass.

The cost of this one online course isn’t great by any means, but it still ends up being a less expensive option. Most people view online learning as a one-time course investment. This sounds scary at first, but since you’re avoiding entering into a new contact with your university, you may be surprised at how quickly the classroom becomes less of a hassle.

Think Outside Of The Box

OpenClass is focused on creating successful learning environments that wouldn’t work in a traditional classroom, like making use of unique simulations, live content, pop-up simulations, and more. Think of it as teaching classes in the way an average audience watches TV or listens to music.

OpenClass co-founder Adam Shapira explained this interesting approach to Technology Review:

“We use different things to supplement traditional content—upscaling the tech to what audiences are used to—and we’re creating new content in a way that’s different than any other professor. Like learning podcasts or studying Netflix.”

Not Just For Cardiovascular Training

Moving into other aspects of studying like foreign languages or technology, OPEN classes can help you improve in more than one area. The course can cover numerous topics in one way, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to picking a topic.

Better Safety In Class

OpenClass is known for making class safer for students, and they make it easy to opt-out of bad content. Every once in a while, a class will include a graphic, video, or written content that goes too far. Those who don’t want to see what comes up should just delete the course on their own.

Still Learning Your Way Into A Career

With this type of content, you won’t just have your learning material, but you’ll also have a learning about yourself along the way. OpenClass can help you determine your level of competence. So even if you haven’t quite mastered the key concepts of OpenClass’ subject, you can still get stronger with study aid and group support.

Think Outside Of The Box

Using multiple tools and modules can help you tackle different aspects of study material. Instead of doing all your studying using OpenClass, you can use open source software to do some of the legwork, like writing up a workbook or taking notes.

Use each tool on your own schedule, or if you are doing a lot of writing, it could be a good idea to take notes at a different location. Collaborating with another student can also help you tackle different, important parts of a class.

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