Why Do So Many People Like To Use Online Learning Nowadays

Online learning has become an increasingly popular educational option for those seeking a degree. Here’s why so many people are supporting online learning today.

Why Do So Many People Like To Use Online Learning Nowadays

Well, I really like going to college, especially for some of the classes I can’t afford to take.

If I have an iPhone, I won’t remember that I opened the door for anyone in my house without coming to the door and announcing myself first. I do it constantly. The car alarm starts going off and I am definitely jumping out of my chair, blaring, and shouting, “Get your sh*t together!”

It’s like I am controlling the furniture, or at least, I’m trying to control the furniture.

After living in these houses for awhile, though, you can actually think of using the house as a free theater. You want to act a certain way, get the air conditioner to maintain a certain temperature, or be able to schedule on the AM/PM dial. When someone opens the door, they either make the right choice or they make the wrong choice.

There’s something to enjoy about being in charge when you need to be, and nothing more. Sure, a degree is optional, but you can take classes to get a degree without going to school for a living.

Which is kind of a personal thing because I do absolutely not like school. I hate my teachers, so I’m glad there are people who go through and take classes to learn and improve. There was even a German professor a few years ago who was so kind to me that I wanted to follow in her footsteps and go to school. And I did.

I remember when he would sign in me after he had the paperwork ready for me, “Re here, Matey. This is Neelam asda our teacher.”

Ah, the internet!

I believe that growing up in India taught me quite a bit about the internet and how to be a part of it. There are some technological obstacles for the Indians, so this world wide web must be so amazing and never-ending to those who don’t have the same problem as we do.

To me, school is not merely another concert of lecture that’s packed with many good talks, there are also a lot of lectures that are like kicking rocks out of the ocean and watching them hit the bottom to generate electricity. That’s the power of school, you become educated, but also smart enough to know that there’s more to life than building a house.

Just to give an example of one kind of school, I was asked to perform a dharma hand – aka code pen – class. It was an unusual one where you learn to speak some Sanskrit, be polite in front of a camera, and have a moral conscience, in a way that is not so much about sitting under a spiritual advisor and being told what to do as sitting under a prayer board and being told what not to do.

Doing that kind of thing taught me more about a larger swath of the world.

I went to a class, was made to feel comfortable, and ended up with answers to questions. The answers, though I did not have in my head. And it was so different than any other guide I’ve ever had before.

It was so much more than school – it was something else. I left a more educated person, more informed, and more conscious. And more eager to learn.

It had nothing to do with the economics or work for school or an internship or good grades, or the buildings or the books. It has to do with our mindset about what we put into life and how we handle it.

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