Why Do People Choose Online Learning

Remember your educational institution? Well, you may not remember them as well as you thought you did.

Why Do People Choose Online Learning

By: J, Blaylock

Technology is leading to a more educated populace, according to a report published by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

In that OECD report, the education experts called for education to be digital and extracurricular, as the main focus of students should be preparing them for the real world.

However, since technology has no respect for age, the the 22-year-old who can learn from Facebook is still the same age as your parents and grandparents. Why do they choose to invest in technology over real learning?


Is it a positive cycle to learn while socializing or should you have to earn social approval before you learn? Whether it’s in a school setting or on Facebook, students should get out of the “learn in order to socialize” mentality that guides education policy at the moment. In our every day lives, social interaction is crucial to our growth and development. Socializing with other people has always been a vital component of mental health.

You can receive information, share it, be ridiculed and be loved at the same time. The debate regarding the whole tech vs. social aspect in our society is a valuable one that need not be to bad in every way. You can either enjoy tech and technology, or miss out on the intimate conversations that can still be online with friends. Socialization online is also beneficial in the sense that you can share your knowledge and experiences, which can be extremely beneficial for people.

Demographic Diversification

Technology lets students improve their knowledge or expand upon their own understanding. Choosing not to get educated makes students reluctant to break out of their own patterns or norms. Using technology actually enhances your social knowledge in a variety of ways.

This is because education is not just a high school, or college, process, but a way of life. People learn daily in the more straightforward settings, by finding answers or discussion topics to stimulate their thinking. The ability to learn outside the rigid framework of a classroom adds to the diversity of knowledge and awareness, making students who choose to utilize technology more tolerant and open-minded.

In the past, the tendency was to focus solely on getting up to speed in a given field and then move on, but as more people opt for online education, skill development is no longer at the forefront. More advanced learners can expand their knowledge as much or as little as they want. In fact, the only way to get more outside of the box is to do it yourself. Many people have found that using social networking sites allows them to further their knowledge through self-learning and self-development.

Long-Term Learning

This is the most important aspect. You cannot read books forever. In fact, due to the accelerated pace of today’s society, the vast majority of books will be outdated or obsolete within a few years.

Everyone knows the old saying, “If you are not willing to learn, you are not willing to change,” but the truth is that learning and the development of your own knowledge is imperative to success.

People get bored of teaching and relying on technology, but you should not get bored of learning. Becoming educated makes you more empathetic and gives you a better understanding of the world and your environment. Whenever you fail or get the same result multiple times, you are setting yourself up for failure in your future endeavors. When we can depend on ourselves and rely on the information that we have learned over the years, we are able to achieve higher, clearer results.

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