“””\””why Do International Students Hate Online Learning?\”” Lombardi”””

Minerva a leading Asian-American Hispanic Post on Sina.com, a leading social and informational media company, has today published Global learning podcasts for international students.

"""""why Do International Students Hate Online Learning?"" Lombardi"""


Parfait Rebelli? Hurry up and finish my exam: you have 5 minutes left! Thanks to my college professors, such as Marek Decker M.Ed., in Political Science, I developed a habit of asking for help in major tests with that last second remark. When I got sick as a dog, I called my professor Derek Boysen M.Ed., Professor of Exercise Science and working two weeks on the cash and called Dr. Dominique Elie Prevoutis of Medical Intensive Lab Evaluation in Canada who got it all together. He would call me in one hour when I finish. I was in a terrible state. My right arm and shoulder, my back, and my foot were paralyzed. They could not correct my posture.

People in my class fell in sympathy. When Dr. Prevoutis quizzed me, I asked if he could determine if I had malignant nodules in my lungs. He did not order any pathology scan at that moment. I left for a few days and I did not breathe until the following morning. My blood pressure rose to 350 with a dizzy spell but was able to be treated successfully by Jocelyn Bourgeois M.Ed. After two weeks when I went back to class for my final grade, I asked Mr. Boysen if he could stop by and help me in a lesson. He was not able to make a paper but he sat me down on a stool to address my anxiety in a calm manner.

He had never taught students like me who were suffering from serious intellectual disabilities. He was able to understand that I used to have a lot of pain and anxiety in the sense that I was not able to manage my own condition. After his calming words, I brought in handbooks by Dietrich, Sebelius, and Jakob. They informed me that the most important thing I had to do was to find my synonyms and searches. They explained that I had all these synonyms, sounds, and type of words in the synonym and keywords from everyday language and they were waiting for me to find words and pronunciation of other words I had not recognized.

The psychotherapist Cynthia Duffy explained to me that psycho-sophisticated phenomena take time. Not until after three days did I remember the names and pronunciation of words I have learnt. They showed me how to find out by noticing and name sounds that were not found. When I was more confident, my Grade was higher. We were going through all kinds of handouts that gave me the meaning of known and unknown synonyms. There were different kinds of tests and quizzes. I was in doubt that we were winning or losing on all tests. But the graders were wonderful to me.

I began to take my midterms with Mr. Boysen who gave me time to solve all kind of difficulties and diagnoses. After giving the psychometric results I was said to have a 53 percent chance of graduating. When I gave my IELTS and I in fact ended up with even higher chances than a normal graduating student. It was a memorable week for me when I received a letter of excellent proposal from my academic department thanking me for my work.

Parfait Rebeli…..- It had been a week since I completed my test with Dr. Boysen. I was still in the sea of examination halls but this time I got some help from a helpful assistant. Later it became a habit of asking for the information from Dr. Boysen. He would give my information very quickly in the narrow time he had. I asked him for more details and he gave me fresh material that turned out to be very important. I went through all the classroom books, looking for my tutor. The examination began one after another. In the first class on the down stage, no reference was made to the five letters P.S. The professor carried on saying that the purpose of mathematics is not to increase weight, it is to take measurements. The rest of the lectures were given by using music and decoration. The final grade was about 92% which was some deviation from the norm. I made good progress throughout the month. At the end of the day I was ready for graduation.

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