Why Collaboration In Online Learning

Online courses aim to give students flexibility as they jump from school to school.

Why Collaboration In Online Learning

Studying is hardly a new phenomenon. There is scholarship and there is analysis. But what about collaboration? What makes one paradigm more valuable than the other? And what role does collaboration play in the practice of education?

Collaboration is used in many different forms. Business processes, medicine, and commerce all rely on teamwork. In learning, collaboration is a flexible term that a company can use in the classroom. But “teaching material that the students would learn without collaboration” is a pretty easy way to fail.

Research shows that most students do not interact with their professor actively. Thus, when it comes to learning to learn, universities and instructors should always strive to ensure that the materials they provide make use of interactivity. Creating clear resources that students can access through online tools is the best way to do that. This will not only allow people to collaborate and learn together, but also to learn how to collaborate.

The 21st century is all about multitasking and meeting your deadlines. But study-time, textbooks, and books make for an inefficient use of the day. In today’s age, people can usually access any knowledge they want whenever they want. This online environment is one more solution to learn, learn, and more importantly, collaborate. It does not need to be more. It just needs to be different.

Here is what I mean. A student can access any subject of interest he/she wants. Therefore, the classroom has to be less daunting. In addition, communication is required more so than ever before. Students are unable to get on with it themselves. One solution to this is to allow a group to learn and collaborate.

Finally, the current environment is all about knowledge sharing. In this way, students need less training to learn new material. Instead, they’re being tutored in everything from geographic data to computer programming. Using online learning tools allows any interested student to gain knowledge and be tutored in every area of study.

Let’s say you’re a PhD student. But, your major is not quite what you want to pursue. Maybe you want to start your own business? But, you don’t want to go and get a job (yet). Are you looking for the perfect computer science teacher to help you out? Here you are, your time is taken and you need a tutorial. A tutorial that isn’t just another three hours on the computer learning statistics or something equally useless. You need something engaging. You need a tutor to motivate and motivate you.

Online learning tools bring this opportunity, but to all the teachers out there. Online platforms provide an opportunity for teachers to participate in the learning of their students. They offer better access to the tools they need, they give them the opportunity to live in the classroom, and they allow them to collaborate with students. In my opinion, there is nothing more valuable than collaboration.

A great example of a great collaboration occurs in the classroom of Taipei City University of Technology. This all began in 2004, when Professor Jue Chen, a retired biologist, started teaching a textbook in organic chemistry on a computer. As he worked through many of the textbooks, he realized they had a number of content gaps. So, he began to utilize some of his current students and connect them to a collaborative teaching platform.

At first, students had to download the relevant content, but then in 2013, all content became available online. And what’s more? On the platform, the students receive assignments, questions, and responses from their teacher. This structure provided students with high level collaboration and clear teaching.

Do you feel that online learning platforms are worthy additions to the classroom? Are you finding them to be a great support? Please let us know in the comments.

Alexander Schmitz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Obi. His passion for online learning has made him a pioneer in the field. Follow him on Twitter @masteroflearning.

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