Why Choose Online Learning

The importance of traditional online courses in meeting the needs of students.

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It used to be that students felt so “trapped” in a high school system that, given the choice, they would “study anywhere but here.” It’s an understandable feeling, given that many parents are stuck on doing every-other-Friday study material they find on YouTube as “workshops” for their students.

All those YouTube courses promising to get you into Harvard will inevitably catch on, offering you a half-educated, half-worthless message. Sure, some subjects may deserve some serious time on YouTube, but this is a complete waste of time, leaving you with a pile of wasted hours that is not worth exploring.

Don’t fall for these YouTube YouTube shows. They are not good for you, and the reason is simple: what you watch is not at all “teaching” you about yourself.

What this means is that just by viewing these video lectures, you don’t have to become a researcher or learn many vocabulary words, definitions, quotes, doodles or anything else that comes up in videos. You simply have to absorb as much as possible of what is going on in the lecture. You just start thinking like a video. That is a great idea: think like a video!

No need to learn any “researches”, no need to search for any keywords. The minute you start doing so, you will not hear or read the course material, which can get boring and frustrating when you watch the same video lecture so many times. In this case, you can do research on YouTube for yourself, keep an eye out for interesting trends and concepts, and come up with a specific thought or skill for yourself and learn it this way.

Why do students ignore the sound-bites in a lecture and really think through the message? That’s why they don’t learn a thing. That is what we call “conscious learning”, which means something more sophisticated than “just listen” and “read”, something that goes into thinking about what you are being taught and learning. The student learns by highlighting certain points with their fingers, thinking it through in their head, and the message comes out loud and clear.

What student needs to learn? Students need to learn what it is they need to know to pass their exams. A university education needs to be relevant, and the Internet brings in a large number of courses and websites that can ensure that. Some of these are licensed by the Universities, and some are created by students and experts.

Why does this matter? Because when students look at their own body image, their self-confidence, their leadership skills, and the way they interact with others, they immediately see that when they are learning from YouTube videos, they are learning things that add up to a much better outcome for them. Those are the points that will make a big difference in their lives and make them stand out in a crowd.

Students that come to university with that same mindset will do well not only academically, but with everything they learn in the classroom and in life. Even if you wish to take a more traditional approach, others will be inspired by what you are doing in learning.

Since knowing what you need to know is key to all of this, and so is knowing how to learn it, or online. This is your level of understanding. For those of you who have earned a few qualification online, you may consider preparing for the GEMS game. GEMS offers five levels: Category 4, Category 5, Category 6, Category 7, and Category 8, with an approval rate of 99%.

It should also be noted that self-certification is also available on GEMS, including for freelancers, artists, writers, and data scientists. GEMS teachers and students sign documents, which verify their competency and progress.

So, would you take time from doing your “work” to follow video lectures on the GEMS platform? You bet you would. The benefits are immeasurable. Take note that, so-called “online courses” and “online courses” can really be more like work, a real job, learning on your own, and a marketable skill. Being able to do it yourself, to do it the way you would like to, to select the subjects, add your own content to the videos, along with your comments and issues, will make you a better student.

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