Why Are Computer Skills Important Part Of Online Learning Article

Tech is so important for college students, why not look into this article?

Why Are Computer Skills Important Part Of Online Learning Article

Is school work a chore? For me, at least, it always has been. Why is it such a chore? Because as it stands now, without online online schools, there are few options for working adults who want to earn a degree but need the 24/7 support from other people. There are folks of all levels who are out there but no way around it now. Those folks are the adults who know how to use complex software, how to troubleshoot problems and build, and through them, how to find new job opportunities.

The folks at General Assembly just launched its online online program designed to target working adults for a reason. Their own research revealed that the vast majority of working adults had high-quality IT skills, but not the technical understanding that led to entry-level tech jobs. This is the group it targets.

At the core of this program is General Assembly’s commitment to equipping individuals with practical skills, including things like internet editing and web design. General Assembly’s Chicago location gave me the opportunity to spend some time today learning about these essential skills as part of our Learn After Five feature. I have a few things to add.

The Innovation

So what exactly does that apply to? Some of the skills that I learned in order to begin building a budget, legal document and presentation were things like PHP and HTML. You probably have seen them on sites like Slack and Salesforce already, but not always in action.

The best part is that the functionality that you used in your daily life likely has a few uses in other areas and General Assembly provides their specific examples through daily conversations with instructors that are so welcoming and optimistic about the job you’re up to. People on the team would even push them out to other sources, to attract their audiences and to incorporate the strategies you’ve learned into the projects you work on.

Technological experience vs The Necessity

One of the things I’m still trying to sort out with General Assembly is how technology speaks to other people rather than speaking to itself. The biggest challenges that I ran into with this approach were relating to technical processes and actually gaining a fundamental understanding of them. I’ve become a big fan of thinking about technology as a team sport where everyone is contributing, no one person should hold everyone back. It’s a lot like team sports in that regard, if you focus your efforts on what you’re good at and put your efforts into a direction where you can contribute more, you can likely grow into a much better player. As an example, when I put my thinking into a direction where I could stand out and help the team as a team member, it turned into a more relevant topic for me in life, and I was able to accomplish more.

A great example of this approach is what General Assembly does in the Product Trainee Program, where you can be mentored and lead a team to help develop the finished product of an email program. The idea is to change the narrative around product development to where you get to be a top player and everyone gets better. No one person can accomplish the task. Everyone has to work together to create something. I was not an expert at it before, but General Assembly made it easy for me. As an example, in a span of weeks, I was able to learn how to prototype, work with Java and JavaScript and get the basics of design and development. These experiences also changed my perception of the real world. Before going to General Assembly, I wasn’t always sure where I fit into a great organization. Now, I feel I have the framework that I can keep pushing forward.

I also noticed the same thing from the team that was teaching me in the Chicago location, which helped me see in the real world just how far technology can go when given the right foundation. These themes of resiliency, team building and bringing real world experience to the conversation were important components in addressing an underutilized population.

Getting the Gen Zs

And speaking of Gen Zs, those kids who are the smartphone generation, I expected it to be so easy for them. In this case, I was wrong. The Gen Z attitude is one of, “I’m OK, I’m just not that into a specific career.” This type of attitude is similar to mine when I was in middle school. The internet has presented a wealth of options to work on every week and so this gen Z is much more used to looking at the world through digital lenses and having specific tasks. The online work requires a higher skill level and is a lot more complex.

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