Why Are Computer Skills Important Online Learning

We live in an age of technology where computers and smartphones help us manage our lives. But maybe too many of us seem to take them for granted.

Can automation displace humans in the coming years? And what’s the right way to prep students for this?

I use mathematics, statistics, and data analysis to teach students critical thinking skills. While it’s obviously important for students to learn how to apply their knowledge to real-world problems, there’s a big gap in their ability to use these skills to solve problems and solve the problems themselves. We have to try to fill that gap. That’s why the new myLearning software is so important.

With myLearning, students can access real-world examples on a range of topics and be able to transfer their learning to real-world problems. What better way for students to test their reasoning, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills than by putting them to work and actually working on them?

Even if you’re not very good at math, myLearning will allow you to solve problems in various ways — from making graphs to creating analytic models. By using myLearning and its intuitive design, students can have fun while learning and learning quickly. If there’s a point you can’t grasp immediately, just go back and refresh yourself.

Making Learning Fun

This being said, some of the feedback I received with myLearning varied from the educational level of the student to the student’s comprehension of the curriculum. I’ve seen and heard students getting frustrated while entering formulas and not knowing the best way to learn something. If they have a bit of computer skills, they can easily find out what information they need to know to solve a problem and enter that into myLearning immediately. And they don’t have to try, wait, and labor over the process. That time is better spent directly applying what they’ve learned to solving problems.

One of the biggest benefits of using myLearning is that you can see immediate results. When we were working with Cambridge University Students’ Union, they quickly realized that students were often having trouble accessing certain tools in myLearning. They said, “People just aren’t typing as fast as they used to. I can’t keep up with all of the questions that keep popping up on the screens.”

They were able to solve this problem, and instantaneously, the feedback on the screen was faster and more accurate than the previous iteration of myLearning software. It’s not just fun for the students and education, but it’s great for employers who are looking for the best and brightest, too.

The Future of Education

The reality is that the internet will take over the world in the next few years. And along with that, it will eliminate some of the jobs that are currently being done by humans. Increasingly, however, there’s a new wave of jobs being created in the sciences, technology, engineering, and math. The ones that rise to the top may be robots who can do the things that we don’t even know how to do or be taught. But with software like myLearning, by relying on automated processes, we will be able to get a much greater number of students exposed to those skills.

Over time, technology will become a lower-cost, higher-value benefit for students. But with myLearning, and the future of tech, it’s not all doom and gloom. As machines continue to take over complex but simple tasks, we’ll also find ways to use them to create solutions. Even though those solutions may not always be beneficial to human beings, they’ll improve the everyday lives of people all around the world. That will be the ultimate outcome of technology as it improves our lives.

While artificial intelligence and robotics may sound scary, I’m not scared at all. Rather, I’m excited. These technologies will only increase our knowledge, open up new areas of study, and provide us with the ability to solve problems more quickly and effectively. As the technology progresses, our job opportunities will continue to grow. And instead of protecting our jobs and being fearful of the changes that are to come, it’s essential that we prepare our students for what’s coming. They’ll be ready when it’s time to apply those skills to the real world.

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