Why Am I Not Learning Skills In Wonderland Online When I Have The Prerequisites

I started learning this morning before going to Wonderland to interview the dynamic duo at the end of TechCrunch Disrupt.

Why Am I Not Learning Skills In Wonderland Online When I Have The Prerequisites

My life is changing. My life is coming apart. This morning I was awakened at 7:30 in my plush, safe bed of freedom to my brightly lit wireless home office. And then, in a matter of seconds, every last thing in that day’s plans was wiped away, down to my unbreakable New Year’s resolution of taking just ONE more practice session. Nothing could stop me; not my old SD card, that has developed light hair, that has, by now, gone three miles (despite the two-foot height distance between it and me), not the weekend’s consecutive “perfect” hours at least. The two “days,” one week, each totally time-dependent and almost nonexistent in some ways; no sadness in some ways, sadness in others; the feeling of a workday appointment taking two days; the realization of finding out that I am “borrowing” some time – time, time, time to do something else, BIG, OTHER THAN work – to travel to Ontario to follow my dream – the power! I was sucked into the flow of a decade of believing that I could never do it, that I was a failure – without going. I felt overwhelmed and unsteady.

My colleagues had had some luck after attending a magic workshop hosted by Zoe Motwani – a digital positive change agent/social media star who is popular in the magic world of YouTube and MyStrands. She’s a wizard – and you can learn more at modernmagiciansmakeit.com.

Okay, I want to be this person, a wizard of performing magic. Why not give it a go in her online classes?

The heart of adventure

We start off with rules: not to freeze-frame and record, as Zoe says, much. But, don’t rule out that magic is a form of dance – and it’s the feelings of gravity, gravity, which try your stamina, which ask, “why is it ‘for the love’?” No escaping this weekend’s overnight Magic Science event on the beach on Castaway Island, OR.

Why not learn by the hands of master, not through the eye of an expert and even more important, learn by doing magic the way the magic person does it – with surprise and the tension and the feelings.

The fear and the soreness

Zoe’s deck is full of promising props: lots of energy, lots of people, and a network of champions helping them explore. Classes are offered online and by phone and I’m only ever online – sorry, the WiFi-only version.

She recommended an eye balm that my mother had found in Los Angeles and he had been using for anti-aging and its dual benefits of hyaluronic acid – hyaluronic acid floats on water – and vitamin C. Too few ounces of a luxury! Her pal, Dr. Ronny Likar, was able to make this a reality using these oils to remedy pain and transform my body in a few weeks of recovery, for much less money than one expensive, workable three-hundred bottle bottle of Vichy. My own magic everything.

But, magic is not easy, if it is not fun and effortless. I’m sitting before my laptop typing as we sit down (at this wonderful SoulCycle spin class that I took last week) and Zoe calls out to me about the kit, saying that I can use it in my living room right now, right now on my bookshelf (we use bookshelf instead of books). But I have to do online work to cover it all – text, drawing, shooting the video – and that, we will cover tomorrow, Sunday.

Training is only part of it, I need to practice. I’m also learning – and not just through literally being amazed! – by the laws of physics, anatomy, and capillary flow. I’m learning about the internal energy of me, my body, and my breathing. I’m learning about my direction, my energy, my potential. I’m even – gasp! – learning my own happiness – and about what I need to feel content with being there, standing there – right now – for the “love” of what I’m doing now.

The goals… and my expectations.

This isn’t an “accidental” find. It’s not just a gift card to YouTube Magic Magic School that someone set up, in an attempt to teach me how to do this.

It’s a fully realized journey – with Cinderella there. And her stepsisters, stepmother,

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