Who Uses Online Learning

Who uses online learning? Read on to find out how, and when you should be learning on the internet.

Who Uses Online Learning

The Online Learning Engine Constantly Makes the Connections.

The student connection is key when it comes to a successful course completion. Case in point, researchers at Arizona State University found that students who enrolled online had significantly lower completion rates than those who attended classes in a brick-and-mortar location. In addition, the report found that women were more likely to complete online classes than men.

While the circumstances are different and the complexity of courses and class might differ, there are a few key signs that indicate whether a course is offered online or not. The road to completion isn’t always an easy one, but we still have some tactics that we can follow to ensure you reach your goal — no matter if you’re taking a class at home or attending an online university.

1. Availability

From home to office or out of your office to home, the breadth of courses and institutions offered by online universities is astounding. It’s a hefty task to sift through all of the options available, so it pays to know which universities offer the best programs and degree options. Companies like CourseSearch.com and FastStepGuide.com provide database listings of online and traditional universities.

These resources use search terms to help you quickly and easily narrow down which courses are best for you, whether that’s online or a combination of online and physical locations. You can also search for “speed vs. convenience” when you’re looking for a unique approach to online education.

Keep an eye out for schools that do online classes on a near-campus basis, making it convenient for working parents who want to attend class around their children’s events and activities. If a university offers small and affordable classes, this could be a key factor that may sway you to continue studying online.

2. Connection

Whether it’s through email, snail mail or an easy-to-convenient application on your phone, it’s important that you have easy access to the university you choose to attend. Sometimes there are misconceptions around online education — for example, some claim that classes that are offered online aren’t good because they take up too much time.

You can always pick the right class based on personal preference. However, be sure that the online class you select has good reviews and higher ratings. Are the professors well-respected, and does the campus have something to offer you? Going online isn’t for everyone, but it does have its perks, and you may not even realize that you are using it. Make sure you are familiar with the school’s course offerings and its type of online education — and be sure you aren’t missing out on anything that is unique to this university or set of courses.

3. Online tutoring

Tutoring is a crucial component of a good online education. Although the skills you acquire might not be directly applied to your learning process in a traditional classroom setting, you’ll still need to meet with a tutor or online academic coach to get the best out of the online course. Make sure you know when a tutor is available and find out what they can do to help you in both online and physical classes.

Be sure to select a tutor that looks a little different from your own. Try a new cover letter or approach a professor with a new angle. If a professor keeps asking you questions, it could mean they are seeing the best in you and that you’ll come in contact with an experienced online tutoring coach. It’s important to pick a tutor who you feel comfortable with and to keep your expectations in check, since they’re only going to be in the room for a limited amount of time.

Be sure to feel confident in your choice and make sure your tutor is properly trained — especially when it comes to questions about returning to school and obtaining another degree. You don’t want to be stuck learning on the fly.

To reach completion, you have to finish the course. No matter how online, you must follow the steps. It’s all about taking advantage of the online portion of the courses to get the most out of your educational experience.

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