Who Started Online Learning

The popular online learning platform Coursera has raised more than $850 million to date. With educational costs steadily rising, how did the company launch on campus and create more than 40 unique degrees?

Who Started Online Learning

Technology may seem to be an elusive partner in small businesses today. Information may be out there, but how can you find it? Failing to share information can have devastating results on your small business. So, how can you easily access information, decide what to share and what not to share?

The traditional methods of research, such as book reviews and articles, make it difficult to have access to information in the best way possible. Online learning sites such as Lynda.com help you attain access to all types of information quickly and easily. The sites offer help in a matter of minutes – and do not cost an arm and a leg.

Lynda.com offers a wide variety of services to small businesses and professionals at a low cost. Each one has a certain learning style and helps you make quick decisions. You can find everything from audiobooks to graphic design, marketing, accounting and others. All the content is free, and there are automatic renewal options too.

Here are just a few of the ways you can learn from Lynda.com. You can learn about business leadership, how to design a website, accounting, sales and, of course, how to create audio versions of your content.

Using technology to teach

The free Lynda.com website offers a learning platform to help people make decisions, get better at their jobs, and even create a product.

All you have to do is listen to a lesson and have access to a paid account to create your own download of the lesson. Your instructional materials can be videos, audio lessons, flash briefings, and many more.

Learning as you go

Lynda.com offers free audio lessons that can help you move through activities you have completed by turning the audio lessons into a user-friendly document. You can collect feedback from others to improve your lessons.

Learn about becoming a podcast host. You can record your own podcast about anything from the history of the Budweiser beer can to professional bios. You can also record from the game of golf, a golf match or your favorite book.

To get started, upload your favorite audio book or song to a cloud service, then download them in Flash to start creating your own podcast. You can upload dozens of related podcasts in the same tool you use to create your iTunes library. It’s simple, efficient and takes only a few minutes to create.

Adding more content

Lynda.com offers several ideas for your company to easily build more content using Lynda.com. Topics include video channels and seminars, articles, action items, podcasts, guided coaching, and workshops.

Don’t know where to start? Get started using Lynda.com by first downloading Lynda.com’s free trial, which gives you 3 free lessons. If you like it, register with your online billing account for just $7. You can check out Lynda.com for free for 30 days. After that, you will be required to sign up with your online billing account.

Learn from this expert

Every teacher in the world has their own way of teaching a subject. They usually do things differently than other people do. By listening to the topic you want to learn about, you can create a great look of how they conduct their lecture.

Take your time

Every lesson is different. Listen closely, then observe their style of teaching a class or a subject. Try it yourself and see if it works. You can then take this knowledge and apply it to your business, hobbies, hobbies or whatever else you have on your mind. All you have to do is listen.

This article was written by Breakthrough Learning Solutions, a technology consulting firm that provides small businesses with opportunities to improve their digital marketing, revenue growth and digital marketing experts.

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