Who Started Online Learning

Dr. Charlene Gabriel at the onset of the online learning boom.

Online learning has forever changed the landscape of teaching and learning in America. In a way it has replaced education in that its inexpensive and is provided in formats that are suited to the learner. This mix of good price and excellent learning value also compares favorably to higher education.

Online education is a field that has been slowly gaining ground in the United States in the last couple of decades.

Students of all ages and all social backgrounds have now taken to the trend with equal enthusiasm. Online schooling offers an alternative to the traditional lecture-based learning. However, online learning currently comprises students with varying backgrounds. For example, before-school learning is more common among primary school kids. Upon landing on higher levels, such as post-secondary, school students often opt for online classes to begin to rise in their careers and gain valuable and relevant skills. Besides, there is also a widespread trend of full time working adults focusing their professional development using online learning.

Online learning is a competitive market and competitors are starting to flood the scene. Online learning is now close to being a $110 billion industry globally. How can online learning create an ecosystem to adapt to this market? Can you leverage online learning to increase your bottom line? The answer to all these questions is yes!

Why Online Learning?

An educated workforce should keep at ease with technological advances and devices. Online learning focuses on delivering high quality teaching tools in one convenient style. Online learning is also prone to economic ups and downs. Online learners are usually less sensitive to budget constraints as they can afford a digital locker to store their materials. Also, online learning is highly interactive and helps learners to “realize their potential”.

How to Boost a Business’ Bottom Line

The returns on traditional educational might not be commensurate with the investment, which forces students to go for other means of becoming educated. This puts a strain on corporate budgets. Thus, a cost-effective solution might be to start a online school.

There are as many successful online learning businesses as there are successful students. Credibility is crucial in business, and online learning provides a growth opportunity to graduates. A strong and experienced brand will attract students that want to experience firsthand the difference a commercial educational initiative makes. In comparison, students who enrol in a brick and mortar school will miss out on the chance to interact with teachers while learning or find friends while interning at a local business.

Online school models range from charters schools to full-time schools. Some students learn better in a class format, while others need more support with digital activities and immersive environments. Whatever makes sense for the student may not work for the teacher. Education has become so personalized that even the same teacher will differ depending on the subject matter and the learner’s learning needs.

Career Online Learning takes Steps

Increasing tuition fees to take advantage of technology would not be viable for every student. Online learning will work better for most of them. The two main advantages of online learning lies in lower costs, and the ability to develop a strong brand which brands your business.

Students might earn a modest salary, but can afford the high cost of tuition. However, be prepared to spend the most of your savings on tuition fees alone, so chances are you will be looking for cost effective ways to fund your institution.

Although online schooling remains a much less affordable option in America, it has come a long way. Considering it is also the start of an economy-changing trend, the former affordability factor might change. For this reason, even more students are opting for online education in America, which is currently a booming sector.

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