Who Should I Contact About Online Learning Broward College

Broward County, Florida, is a huge place. It has the great governor Rick Scott and awesome president, Barbara Dean Martin, but recently, they launched the Whole 2 Learn Community College.

Who Should I Contact About Online Learning Broward College

The school has met their obligations with its timeframes. We spoke with officials and requested a copy of the new semester scheduling system, curriculum, and BC curriculum materials. We also requested a copy of the required materials to be used for these classes, which the school stated would be released within 15 days.

It has taken close to four months to receive this information, but they finally have something. Thankfully, their response was prompt and helpful.

Broward College

As the finals approaches, I am noticing students falling behind in their online class credits and much less eager to attend class. The problem is Broward College’s current system seems to emphasize online classes with fixed coursework, while teaching face-to-face classes to students who do not have access to computers, internet, or smartphones.

One thing the school is planning to do this semester is release a new timetable to its online students. The problem I am having with this timetable is it states that one must complete 50 hours of online classes before they begin a class at the school. This is completely out of the “gray area” of the law. The school asked for clarification from me on this matter, but wouldn’t divulge much to me. In fact, they wanted me to pay for any additional class materials needed. Needless to say, I will not be buying them. The school is certainly entitled to conduct these classes, but the path they are going down seems to be completely unfair.

Now, let’s move forward to the next issue: class syllabi. I think this is a particularly serious issue for teachers. The syllabi that I have received from Broward College fall into two categories. The first semester will continue to list the course syllabi as listed on the BC syllabus. This obviously is giving some confusion, as this syllabus is used by Broward College faculty for their classroom lessons and is then uploaded into a permanent BC curriculum on their website. This way students will have a clear understanding of the materials they are being taught as they go through their coursework and the BC course syllabi will remain in a portal for all of Broward College’s students to access. I appreciate the effort the school is taking to be clear in the materials they are providing, and it is important that the syllabi be available so teachers can know what materials students will have.

However, the plan to post syllabi as compiled by the BC faculty does present a problem. It appears that the BC curriculum editors are going to be using the same syllabi they use to create the BC curriculum. Additionally, as stated above, a week goes by when the syllabi are not released. There are teachers and students out there who have trouble seeing work and understand why they should be spending the time and money to do this. This leaves a huge gap between the school’s syllabi and the BC curriculum.

The BC curriculum editors typically use word processing software like iBooks Pro. They give me permission to download a website to view the files. The word processing software does not work properly with the iOS. An intern over at the school called and said that someone will look into the issue. Perhaps someone over there in Broward College will learn from the experience. The purpose of a syllabus is to provide direction and clarity in a space for students and teachers alike to check to see what level of material needs to be covered. Our students deserve no less.

Broward College has seemed to consider all of my problems over the past five months. I am happy to report that their prompt response and communication with me ensures that they will fix any issues. I appreciate the school for making it easy for me to reach out to them regarding any problems I have encountered. They were willing to go above and beyond in preparing their syllabi for the semester, which makes for a very informative set of materials for teachers and students alike. I know I will seek out their online course materials and will plan on taking online class as much as possible this semester to take full advantage of the BC curriculum.

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