Who Makes A+ Online Learning Software

This report includes a series of reviews on online learning and distance learning programs and services in different countries, providing feedback on each evaluation.

Who Makes A+ Online Learning Software

If you’re an online learning software practitioner and are searching for a certified digital training solution, Jobfocused® combines both sound design and functionality to help you take your online learning solution to the next level.

Whether you’re running multiple training sessions with different learning pathways at a student’s level or in addition to a full online or in-person teacher, Jobfocused® combines the design and functionality to make your learning solution scalable and easy to manage.

Whether you’re looking for a solution that truly takes digital courses to the next level, keeps you on track and provides you with the flexibility to work with any format, phone, tablet or computer, Jobfocused® has a solution for you.

Best Instructional Content:

Jobfocused® provides an extensive library of teaching tools and resources to take learning anywhere – whether you’re at a client site, working with a trained client associate, or over the phone – to further your training. For example, it offers pre-registered assessments for programs by certified experts that allow you to meet course goals before you ever take the quiz.

This means you won’t have to collect and import data from another system, and you’ll get immediate feedback so you’re better prepared for the test. Jobfocused® also provides comprehensive, global lesson plans that allow you to review and re-evaluate lesson content.

Most Innovative and Seamless Delivery Methods:

With Jobfocused®, you have access to incredible training and instructor-led classroom sessions on your phone. A mobile native solution, students can opt-in to receive notifications via email, text or mobile phone calling that will inform them when new content is available, and they have the ability to take the content from any location with a minimal learning impact.

In addition, instructors are accessible through an online network that allows them to monitor trainees as they work and also supports a variety of work modes as well as flexible scheduling and project management. And, of course, it also provides online, community and automated assessments, which can be personalized for each course, enabling you to compare your course performance to other students, instructors and peers.

Transparency and Value:

Jobfocused® covers a variety of subject matter and competencies with a broad and customizable training framework. With customized pricing plans, you can select the courses and competencies you value and build out your learning path. For example, some courses are only offered at office hours while others are offered at any time for multiple classes.

Jobfocused® provides incentive pay when completing a training program, in addition to student assistance and early retirement savings from the company. Career savings saved are used for taxes, but still require the accreditor’s approval. Lastly, Jobfocused® is designed to track your learning and ensure that you stay on track, providing access to up-to-date online and social updates and an advisor to provide support, such as time and resource lists.

With so many top training solutions on the market, Jobfocused® takes your training beyond the computer screen.

Pre-Integrated Materials:

Jobfocused® utilizes a pre-integrated learning material management solution to ensure that your training materials are consistent with the curriculum provided by your instructor. It also provides one-click sharing with instructors and other partners, facilitates additional training and advice, and integrates with other campus software.

When it comes to a training program’s digital materials, pre-integrated solutions help make sure that the contextually-relevant, high-quality materials are the same across both online and face-to-face classes, and provide practical suggestions for continuing to develop and keep your learning development strong. You get both an improved, personalized student experience and the training materials you need.


Jobfocused® can help you explore your options for virtual and in-person classes, enhance your teaching experience, and ensure you’re learning every step of the way, whether you’re working from home, at a client location, or over the phone.

You can set up personalized personal learning profiles with access to your work balance, and you can upgrade your options by using Jobfocused® to achieve certification, business certifications, or even VECC certification for 2018-2019. For more information, find out more about Jobfocused®, reach out to us at 909-753-4767 or visit us at www.Jobfocused.net.

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