Who Is Creating Online Blended Learning Platforms?

Who is the name behind the door? Creative Learning is a blended learning platform that ensures its users receive a new, personalized learning experience based on their unique needs and preferences.

Who Is Creating Online Blended Learning Platforms?

Online Blended Learning Platforms Are Experiencing an Accelerated Pace of Growth

Who is creating online blended learning platforms that turn college and high school students into tech savvy creators?

There is an unprecedented shift in the modern marketplace. Advanced adoption of home-work and curating home-work activities have taken hold in 21st-century culture. The term “hybrid training” was coined by Emeritus Professor Alison Torr, of Lehigh University, to define this phenomenon. Combining a market that relies on small, individualized workshops, with entrepreneurship and STEM, is the next wave of education. Although this trend is still in its infancy, we can expect to see the emergence of an array of companies that will customize educational content for people who want to go into the business of STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Let’s see how the four largest business in this space — Dropout School, Urstudio, Project-Math, and Perviz — are leading the charge.

Dropout School

Dropout School is one of the fastest growing online education companies in the U.S. While trying to raise $10 million in funding to launch a new company, founder and CEO Chris McKim found it incredibly difficult.

“I was working on an almost-ready business that was intended to scale into hundreds of universities and possibly millions of students nationwide,” McKim said.

The problem was that throughout his career as a chef, art professor, consultant, and entrepreneur, he’d reached a plateau when it came to teaching. More traditional curricula didn’t excite McKim because they’re very impersonal. “What got me interested in providing digital learning in a personalized and flexible manner was learning technologies that allow people to take ownership of their own learning,” he said.

Dropout School offers a personalized learning experience by working with institutions to design and implement a framework for blended learning. Dropout School draws upon these schools’ intellectual assets to customize and tailor STEM curriculum to meet the needs of its students.

Its self-paced structure also allows students to attend free-form or intense training without worrying about the timing of their work. Its approach ensures that students access the necessary materials once and don’t have to revisit them again. All of this content is managed through a social media network to ensure that students can carry with them the knowledge they acquired in no time.


Urstudio is a popular platform to learn online. It boasts popular courses in publishing, programming, and data science. Professionalism and confidence are critical components of the online learning experience. A high-quality lecturing experience addresses post-content thinking, making sure that users don’t graduate with a story about missed links and incorrect data points.

Its structured courses allow for more varied content and authentic discovery, something that is enhanced by the use of focus group. Why sit in a classroom full of students when you can craft an engaging course in-house?


Project-Math uses the latest technologies to make blended learning accessible to all. Its goal is to empower any student to become a project lead, be it in architecture, chemical engineering, or energy. At Project-Math, every student owns a professional title, and each major embodies core competencies that will help each learner climb the ladder toward their career aspirations.

The key to creating this authentic learning experience is Project-Math’s adaptive learning features, which allow learners to customize their classes around individual interests. This speeds up the learning curve for students because they can change their classes and topics as they discover new ways to learn. By doing so, students can pass classes that are more challenging, and quickly get into classes that are very rewarding to participate in.


Perviz harnesses the global classroom to serve the needs of hundreds of millions of digital learners. Since its inception in 2015, Perviz has raised over $8 million in venture capital and with their success, they have become the leading global provider of digital-learning products.

“The issue of content learning has become a real problem for many higher-education institutions, and independent online learning platforms offer the potential to be much more than simply study halls. Using our machine learning, education is improving in all ways, at all times,” said Perviz CEO Dave Johnson.

Their platform offers a full suite of courses and modules with predictive learning and prediction learning enhancement, and using advanced data analytics, people can better understand their own strengths and weaknesses. With courses ranging from digital literacy to product management, people get a diverse and relevant learning experience that affords access to various forms of online learning. Perviz, in partnership with educational institutions, ensures that every student will receive the personalized learning they need to excel in the real world.

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