Who Does Online Learning Affect Culture And Communications

Have you noticed that your peers seem to be just as into video games as they are keeping up with a social media feed? For a whole generation of college students, that choice is a part of their daily routine.

Due to rapid changes in the traditional structure of most workplaces, there has become a move toward more flexible working hours that allow some flexibility with where employees choose to work. This has led to a shift in the perception of what an employer/employee relationship should look like.

Traditional postcodes and parking lots are being closed down. In the future, you are probably going to be using e-mail to communicate, pick up the mail, purchase items online, order food, have your valuables scanned and mailed back to you, reserve a table at a restaurant, and organize meetings. The traditional office of the past is making way for much more agile and flexible ways of connecting with one another.

I think the movement of agile workforces is a very important one to look at within the context of how brands and enterprises interact. The behavior that you are witnessing in many organizations is a dramatic change in how they are bringing together employees. I encourage more brand and enterprise advertisers to look for the opportunity to build more collaborative environments between staff within their organizations.

Comfort zones are disappearing

You may have been handed a set of practice books on becoming an auto mechanic when you wanted to become a mechanic, and likely you were in a classroom in a large institution teaching how to get those books. Today, these things are very much a custom or learn experience based on your own learning abilities. If you want to become an auto mechanic today, you are much more likely to do this through an online, online learning program than you are at a (or near a) large institution. Many organizations today do not have a full-time auto mechanic. What they do have is a hard copy practice book and the ability to buy a set of auto mechanics to be adjusted to your preferences.

The people you are going to work with are you and everybody in the organization that you work with. If you want to grow as a professional, then you are going to need to be able to adjust your schedule on the fly to meet the needs of the company and the people you are working with. For many enterprises and brands, this is something that simply does not exist today.

People want to be communicated with digitally at all times

Another lifestyle trend we are seeing that is working into the corporate structure, is people wanting to work at home or start their own business. While this has its appeal to the individual, it can also hinder their ability to be reachable to clients and colleagues when needed. The reality is that online learning and e-learning allows for lots of people to be connected together to learn at the same time and in the same place. Not only can you find greater job satisfaction, but you can also increase your effectiveness by being continually connected to one another.

Unlike prior generations where communication was a time-limited process, the moving forward digital workforce wants to hear from you all the time and want to see you. Start your own business and want to stay connected all the time? Not having the ability to do so will at best inhibit, and at worst cause irreparable harm to your business.

Look for opportunities to grow existing relationships with people inside your own organization and outside of your own division. Invest time into learning new skills and in deepening connections with other people within your organization, and once again look for ways to make new friends within the company.

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Tell us how you are building a more agile business and a more collaborative culture in the comments below.

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