Who Benefit From Online Learning

I know the approach can be overused, but when thinking about online learning, it’s possible to harness the power of getting people into learning who otherwise wouldn’t.

Who Benefit From Online Learning

Many retailers are taking the approach of using online courses and online education to educate employees. This strategy can work best when working from the customer. It can also work well to offset the need for people to travel to a store location to gain training. As online courses get more popular, it will benefit the company as much as it will benefit the employee that is attending the courses.

Below is an article I wrote on one of the companies that are experimenting with these services.

The challenges with these types of practices is they may not work in certain locations. And as a strategy it also requires the company to have the right type of solutions.

Walmart seems to have made some big moves in regards to online learning.

The company recently launched a program called Walmart on Demand that has employees seeking courses that are offered in about 20 different areas. As far as how many people is the program serving, not clear, but look for this data to become clearer in a few months. This is meant to be one of many things.

If the company could prove that this type of training also helped attract more shoppers to the company, this could go a long way in helping the company in the long run.

The more cases I have looked at where online learning has been popular, the more it seems that it works, especially when it is focused on customers.


With many of these online classes and courses it seems that users often have an online classroom to help them study. This is the case with online exams. Another program that I looked at and found to be very effective was called lecture notes. This is one that actually encourages students to take notes and sometimes students would even convert notes to PDF’s so they could better study for tests.


I have also come across websites such as Coursera that are covering college courses free of charge. These programs often offered more than one class at the same time in case a student was needing additional help. One of the biggest advantages of these sites was that if students took online classes they often could get a copy of the test at the end of the semester.


Some online courses have popped up that have special courses specifically for customers. For example, shoppers can look for a cooking course that would give instructions in order to make a recipe on their own. People have also used sites such as CanStage to benefit from college courses of their own choosing. The overall idea seems to be to provide tools, and for these courses you would be able to pay a fee if you wanted a copy of the finished product.


If you are an unemployed person, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that you are likely not going to give up watching the game on Sundays or other entertainment, unless you were to pay the price. Many people have tried one of these online courses in the hopes of landing employment. However, it seems the real success stories are those that are on the road to finding new employment who not only are aware of the new jobs available, but actively in search of these jobs. Many people want to use these courses as a way to learn new skills they can use in job interviews.

If Walmart can make learning easier, especially as it relates to learning new skills, this could have a big impact on improving the perception of the company within the workforce. As the store turns into more of a learn center, the company may find that more customers decide to shop at the store, as opposed to some shopping trip to the store.

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