Which Student Populations Not Served Well By Distance Education Online Learning

Distance learning is increasingly being used in the U.S.

Get a higher education degree and find a new job? That is certainly a reality. Unfortunately, the cost to obtain a degree can also turn out to be a millstone around the neck. And when there are so many people seeking careers in the modern world, a more holistic education has to be sought out to equip people with the skills they need to get ahead of the curve. Distance education is the ideal alternative for more nuanced students who want to focus on relevant knowledge in their chosen field. So which are the student groups that can benefit from distance education?

Consider Marketing

When seeking a career in marketing and having a brand to build, distance education is a must. Data analytics and digital marketing are two particularly lucrative areas where a degree from a reputable school can be very helpful. And the higher a student’s GPA and knowledge, the more likely they are to stand out and get a decent job. A degree is also critical to developing marketable skills. Companies will be more likely to place an eye on a candidate with a strong online education background. If it’s a social media management skillset, then education has its use.

Consider Video Production

Video production is one of the hottest professions of today, thanks to the need for professionals who can develop content and make digital videos. As fewer people choose to send out traditional mailings, video is becoming more and more important as the medium for corporate communications. If you’re planning on pursuing video production, there’s no doubt that distance education is the way to go. Our various colleges and universities have strong in-house studios to enable students to upload their own videos. And those programs that will ultimately produce graduates who can act as video professionals tend to have a good chance of being offered paid internships after graduation.

Consider Lawyer Development

Lawyers are even more valued professionals than CEOs and CEOs of high-tech companies. But applicants have a tendency to wilt when told that law students need to get an extra two years of schooling. This is a bit of a head scratcher for many aspiring lawyers. Law students are commonly aged between 25 and 33. You have two choices for an online education degree. Do you want to stay in the comfort of your home and carry on un-learning and learning just for your own fun? Or should you ditch that beachy-beachy lifestyle, re-focused on gaining the skills to be the best lawyer you can be?

That latter option tends to pay off in the end as successful lawyers generally enjoy high salaries. Law school? That’s a whole other story. It’s not really helping a lot of people, to put it bluntly. A better choice is distance education. Being educated in the subject, and gaining the knowledge needed to help you with your future career is the smart choice. But at what cost? The main drawback of distance education is that it isn’t cheap. Most programs, after all, feature a pretty steep learning curve. And in the current competitive job market, there’s always a risk that what you learn won’t be enough to secure you a secure job.

Live in the Cities? Choose Digital

Probably the biggest drawback of distance education is that, it might not give you the opportunity to get closer to those who will eventually work with you. This is especially true if your city (or areas of interest) are so far away. Or you plan on running your degree from far from home. If the educational opportunity is going to be good enough to justify the price tag of distance education, then you should opt for degree programs offered in major cities.

Not only will distance education allow you to stretch your legs and enjoy the benefits of a long distance learning program, but this is also a good opportunity to acquire digital skills that will help you navigate the modern workforce. The digital jobs market is booming, but many people who do not possess the best digital skills don’t stand a chance of breaking into it. With distance education, you’ll be able to leverage your bachelor’s degree and learn what you need to know so that you can bring that knowledge to bear on the world of work.

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