Which Schools Offer Online Learning

Are there computer classes that you can take at school? Or maybe there’s an online class that you should take.

Which Schools Offer Online Learning

The fast-paced world of college may just get a lot more thrilling, if students and parents want to know. Online courses have been increasingly popular in recent years as for-profit education options have been skirting tough regulations on the campuses they call home.

The proliferation of online schools across the country has many worried, but it has also created several opportunities for students and their families. Here are some of the schools that have been making waves in the online education world for decades:

State University of New York

Named “America’s Top Online College by U.S. News & World Report” for years, the state-run university is gaining attention as a recognized leader in online learning. Students can choose from more than 90 degree programs, from social work to writing and journalism to physics, all over the United States and abroad. An ecommerce degree from SUNY Binghamton has become so sought after that it had to be extended to full time students.

The biggest strength of SUNY is the enrollment numbers. This school is boasting more than 700,000 students today, and it has the second-highest enrolment of any public school in New York State. SUNY’s overall graduation rate is also high, with nearly 92 percent students receiving their degrees in four years.

University of Colorado

Online university tuition is still a bargain compared to other options, but the University of Colorado is offering something else — convenient schedules. With over a dozen degree programs, CU can satisfy the needs of far-flung students, with anywhere from 16 hours to 40 hours of classes per week.

Harvard University

Harvard has always been known for exceptional education and extraordinarily high standards, but it is also known as the best university in the world. Tuition may be high at $56,670 a year, but the convenience of an online course and coursework may be worth the difference.

Harvard is celebrating its 125th anniversary in 2019, with online courses and courses on demand possibly even an even bigger factor in Harvard’s future. All courses can be taken on-demand, and professors are willing to teach classes for free.

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Kingsville Texas is only about an hour from Los Angeles, and the school is just 60 miles from El Paso. Because it’s close to an enormous number of students — almost 15,000 enrolled in the fall 2018 semester — the school had to implement two open-space centers that help students around the world take classes and check out coursework.

The large populations make for unique opportunities, and some online courses are designed for use around the world. Using social media, students around the world can easily submit exams or questions in hopes of having them taught in a classroom in their own language.

Washington State University

In rural Washington, a student who missed classes can always re-enroll online for another semester. Students are encouraged to take the courses they need, not only in a traditional classroom setting, but also when study hall, labs, and extracurricular activities occur.

This university is a member of the Pacific Northwest Academic Consortium (PNAC), which is one of the few online-only consortiums for universities. Like many other online universities, WSU also offers faculty and a large social media presence.

Old Dominion University

This historically black university has been open for over a century, and now it is one of the premier providers of training in health care technology. For students wanting a career as a nurse technologist, paramedic, or medical technologist, ODU offers 60 courses in 62 different classes.

In September, the university partnered with Massachusetts General Hospital to help open more doors into their skilled nursing program. ODU was also ranked third overall in U.S. News’ 2019 ranking of public universities.

Utah State University

USU is currently listed at the 67th largest online university, but they have a history of excellence. ASU is the third-oldest school in Utah, and with courses covering everything from nutrition to radiology, it is home to one of the youngest nationwide online campuses.

Ponderosa is the first online campus to offer a full major in chemistry, and they have aspirations of more campus offering in the future. With more than one million downloads on their app, SAT test prep options, and course offerings available over the web, Utah State has opened up their campus to an incredible number of students.

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