Which Platform To Put E Learning Online

We are on the cusp of a new curriculum paradigm. According to recent studies, the majority of adults do not even know how to spell nothin’ algebra or algebra.

In this week’s Hiring in the Future class we take a look at how we can use technology to drive up the efficiency and effectiveness of the educational process. On this edition of Hiring in the Future we cover how we can maximize our opportunities to combine online learning with traditional classrooms. We cover how tech can be applied to the work process, how different platforms could be used to improve the work flow, and how we can use the speed of innovation in these rapidly evolving digital environments to make the learning process more efficient.

In our Hiring in the Future class we discuss what the future of work is and we venture into a somewhat uncertain future. Technology is certainly rapidly evolving, in terms of hardware and software development, and I’m sure that this continuing evolution will not go too far and leave our present generation behind. But the challenge lies in knowing when to leave this evolving online environment and venture back into a much more familiar office building.

It’s hard to leave our physical workspace behind, because it allows for a little bit of security and formality, but how we eventually achieve our goal of creating an increasingly flexible, collaborative, and connected environment is one of the key questions we’ll discuss over the next week.

Have you ever wanted to go back into the world of the antiquated email platform? Well that could potentially happen as education is going in a similar direction. Recently, LinkedIn made a big push to create a more transparent version of their service which integrates its email platform into the learning experience. LinkedIn Classroom is perhaps the most recent version of the job networking platform. Classroom encourages student to connect with others on their platform in order to create learning relationships with professionals. This teaches them to use LinkedIn as a training platform, an employer’s profile search platform, and ultimately helps them in their job search.

MySpace is one of the pioneers of online e learning. MySpace went digital in 2009, but before that, MySpace had been a popular tool for students since it first launched as an online community in 2003. The design of MySpace is simply not as friendly as LinkedIn’s, and its web presence makes it difficult to follow the news in addition to figuring out how to best leverage your profile. Adding a life-like persona can only help in the recruitment process. Unfortunately, this basic simplicity has led to MySpace failing to maintain its traction in online education. This is a trend that can unfortunately plague online learning platforms as the recent social media crash of 2ndGrader Debaters can attest to.

I still remember my first few interactive classes at SOAR, and how much I used MySpace to research what topics were most interesting for the class I was in that year. Imagine how much that use of technology could have helped me. I was surprised to learn that by 2015 only 11 percent of America’s students used electronic textbooks in the classroom. Digital books are struggling to keep up with the progress of e learning tools, and many traditional brick and mortar schools have already shut down as a result.

So while many have moved away from traditional print textbooks, many also aren’t aware of the recent changes in e literacy models. As such, I’m excited to report that the app Flip Kart has launched with the hope of bringing the learning experience into the digital age. Created by an initiative from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Flip Kart allows students to use their smartphones to create engaging books and content for secondary school students who are struggling to comprehend and interact with their school curriculum.

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