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Which online learning options are best for students in the military? Willie Perkinson weighs in on online learning programs.

One of my favorite places to sit down and write about various subjects — be it sports, politics, financial matters, anything really — is the web. And it only took a few years for me to realize that the internet has changed the way the world consumes information. Back when we all used snail mail, we looked for articles on a particular subject, as opposed to waiting for our favorite topics to come to us on line. And as we became accustomed to doing that, people got used to finding the perfect article to plug into their favorite web app. Just a few years ago, this might have meant flicking through a handful of competing apps for your favorite topics. Today? Not so much. Having access to information anywhere — within minutes — has changed the way that people digest information, and that’s a good thing. But it also means that some of the advantages, such as the ability to read books, can be much harder to find these days.

Well, luckily for those of us who don’t want to turn to books, some of the biggest brands and major news organizations in the world are taking to the web to help create better resources for those of us who would rather read instead of listen. If you’re one of those users who would rather read rather than watch, you’ll find that most of these companies have done their part to keep your content spot on.

Check out all of the companies we’ve named above to see what they have to offer. And don’t forget about your favorite news organizations as well — they’re still consistently there, whether you read about the important things that happen each day or whether you find your way to their extensive coverage of the biggest news stories.

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