Which Online Learning Platforms Scale Best

Online learning platforms can offer the best value, especially in an age of billions of learners worldwide. The question is which online learning platform best serves your needs?

Which Online Learning Platforms Scale Best

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It’s no secret that online learning is becoming increasingly popular. Today, we have effective learning platforms such as Coursera, edX, MOOCs, and Udacity, which both serve as educational resources for students and entrepreneurs and serve as global social laboratories by using the lessons taught by others.

Coursera is a massive online open course (MOOC) program that boasts having 22 million registered users and thousands of learning platform partners around the world. Though the platform’s certificate program is only available in the U.S., Coursera currently also has programs in over 100 other countries. MOOCs are cheap compared to the cost of traditional classes and thus very popular.

Coursera and the other MOOCs are in direct competition with each other, as MOOCs are hoping to make inroads to traditional learning environments by combining online courses with courses that are available offline.

EdX offers a MOOC called the course Why Start Your Own Business, which was created by a combination of experts from Harvard and MIT. No previous education is required to enroll in this course, which is available on more than 400 courses in over 190 countries.

Because so many learners want to learn digital skills, Udacity has built its own digital learning platform that offers online courses, remote studies, and training as well as sessions in its live discussion areas. The company offers certificates that can be used in various work settings.

All of these platforms rely on various kinds of educational materials. Some of them include videos, tools, and quizzes, while some offer live lessons. Online learning platforms are also commonly used for courses on subjects such as coding, fashion, marketing, business, and more. More and more people are opting for online learning platforms because learning online is far more convenient than paying for tuition.

Here are some examples of the best online learning platforms and the ways that they have been used.

Coursera: Educational Resources for Entire Population

Classes and degrees at Coursera usually cover a broad range of academic subjects, including courses on everything from law to philosophy to medieval history to art history to politics. Coursera also features several multidisciplinary online classes which cover subjects such as architecture, law, neuroscience, innovation, and psychology. Most of these courses are offered in a free, open format and not only in English but also in multiple languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, and German.

The company has provided accessibility to courses which are far from traditional education settings such as UNICEF’s Digital Literacy program; a curriculum that covers subjects such as mathematics, health, gender, work, and nutrition; a robotics program; and the equivalent of the First Year Business Experience (FYBE), where courses are completed on platforms such as Intensity, Alphabet, and Azimo.

Coursera is currently partnering with over 750 universities to offer over 50,000 courses. Other specialities included in the Coursera platform include courses in building websites, app development, digital marketing, accounting, and business strategy.

Coursera has also established partnerships with some of the largest universities in the world such as California Institute of Technology, Stanford University, the University of Toronto, and several large Chinese universities.

Coursera launched an open learning platform to reach out to global learners in 2017. By last year, Coursera has opened 17 countries as learning environments, with four additional countries expected to launch by the end of this year.

EdX: Global Education Resources

EdX offers the like-minded entrepreneurs with information about the various entrepreneurs in cities around the world, so they could find inspiration and develop their own projects. EdX also explores and creates online projects between scholars and create virtual communities in an effort to allow those from different cultures to discuss issues they see in each other’s cultures and relate problems and insights they come across with solutions to them.

EdX also provides a range of resources in real-time that are helpful to the general public. Such resources include video quizzes and tutorials that allow students to interact in a more interactive and convenient way than over the medium of traditional texts.

One particular platform the company offers, MOOCRION, is used to host and organize online courses for primary and secondary school students around the world in tandem with expert guidance. MOOCRION also offers educational materials for a wide range of subjects, including physics, chemistry, education, and math.

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