Which Online Code Learning Platform Is Best

Which is your best choice to become a web developer?

Online learning platforms are a hot commodity these days, and so is the hosting service that goes with it. Scaling, course protection, and speed and efficiency are all important attributes to consider when launching an online learning platform. And as a result, you need to find the right choice.

Earlier this year, I wrote about cloud-based high school curricula that could have closed the gap between less-privileged students and more-privileged ones in the US. Right now, I am going to make an intriguing pivot and look at the other side of the coin and take a look at what people are doing online to outsource their financial and logistical needs.

As previously discussed, the web is super dynamic. You can look on YouTube to hear an unsolicited pitch offering you the opportunity to learn something on the web for free. But there is a difference between being an open source entity and one that is taking money for a service.

The Internauts (an I.T. as-a-service provider) got my attention for their recent announcement of a new $600k contract. In an interview with LogicPulse, company COO John Hutchinson stated,

“The bulk of the funding is coming from technology capital, rather than the startup capital that we have historically supported.”

The company utilizes data warehouse technology to provide storage and infrastructure and the platform behind it is VNKR’s XS DevPlatform – one of the industry’s leading platform solutions. The software is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and provides ease-of-use, scalability, and access.

Of note is the fact that the company has a dual-domain portfolio: data warehouse and DevOps. I can personally vouch for this type of implementation and one of my favorite analytics tools in use today is AWS RDS. I’d suspect this will be a targeted service that is used heavily in the finance industry.

I had the opportunity to interview Enteric Systems CEO Kenny Stern about what his company has to offer as well.

Enteric Systems

The New York-based company provides an in-house data warehouse, a web application development platform (what I would call a DevOps server for development), and best-in-class application integration services. The company has been through a number of growth stages with various financial institutions. In fact, the fastest in growth rates over the last year was to come from banks.

Ken is no stranger to scaling and assisting clients in big times:

“Early on I worked for a company that was this million-dollar tech company. At one point we were spending several million dollars a year in support of that company. One night I said we are going to spin this thing up, manage it ourselves, turn it into a public company and hopefully break even.”

With emerging technologies that are typically time-intensive, the added flexibility of a SaaS platform can really help with a shift in business model:

“In the financial space, it is easier for the SaaS providers than the traditional services providers to scale up and scale out. Where you get into the traditional services space you can have a high service level agreement and you don’t have the ability to scale out quite so efficiently. So it is a leap of faith for those companies to scale out these more expensive services like consulting for example.”

Sealing the Deal for your company

So there you have it. There are two companies that could be considered for your company today. Enteric Systems uses Amazon Web Services to host their data warehouse and DevOps server, while Internauts uses it to create the infrastructure on which to run an HCM site. Take a look at who they are. Are you ready to sink that money or are you ready to go with something better?

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