Which Of These Is True About Enhancing Your Learning In An Online Course

We take a look at a couple of reasons you might want to take an online class.

Going to college has always been a fairly common pastime for the overprivileged. My grandparents went through what I have heard is a lot of difficulty in a language, but they spent a significant amount of time learning it at the community college. A key element to this was learning how to read and write this language without students looking over your shoulder and being critical.

The former three generations of my grandparents are gone, but the struggle they went through still resonates in the minds of many students, parents, and employees that require learning opportunities like many do.

Many opportunities exist online, however often that experience is minimal or the benefits are fleeting. I attended my first online class at Portland State University in June 2015. I learned a lot, was able to meet in person with classmates, enjoyed the syllabus that was provided, and learned to write. But in speaking with my peers, it seemed as if I was the only one who was doing these things.

It dawned on me that something was wrong with the classes I was taking and the instructors being held to a higher standard. We were required to get good grades, pass an end of class test, take the final and stick with it. It was a normalcy that I never saw in my first year of college.

I opted to take a different course, one that had a better field of study, but taught lessons that helped me personally. This also helped me obtain a higher average than my prior course offerings. It feels as if you are paying tuition to a university, when what you actually receive is a feeder program to a company that is highly dependent on content production.

Still, many students get the hang of what works, and the rest adjust to becoming a part of the program. The same can’t be said for the 40% that quit and don’t return.

Launch of text-book platform focused on teaching in-person

Course analysis encompasses eight core areas, such as Vocational (Art & Design), Human Services, Marketing, Entertainment, Information Technology, Real Estate, Finance and Psychology.

Trinity Degree Centres (CDC) in Hamilton and Lasalle Universities will offer online degree programs to consumers and students. Students will be able to earn an Associate Degree or Associate’s Certificate. The CDC’s Help Desk will be utilized to add levels of support when needed.

Triumph College Systems – Ability to provide free lifelong learning that is relevant, unique, and independent

Students will receive six core modules, eight “monoblock” modules for credit, and additional modules for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) and Consumer credit.

According to reports in the media, the Michigan Higher Education Executive Directors Association (MEREDA) stated that Triumph is exempt from any rules that govern exam verification and is viewed as a credible education option. I expect they will get kudos from many like Mercer Bancorp and Dykema Gossett.

Jumpstart Alternative Learning – Being accepted at the University of Michigan where thousands of students pass through in a day

Surprising success with test taking and accessing the Undergraduate Completion Rate

Their enrollment requirements for undergraduates range from grade point average to SAT scores to 3.0 on the ACT test. Success at UM Online correlates directly with success at Marshall, Austin, and Penn State

Edgefield State College has the highest percentage of income generated by degrees among all Small Community Colleges, The Great State of Ohio, Learn about the college here.

The solution

The answer here is twofold. One would be companies that take note of what works and adjust to the environment they are in. The second involves building meaningful relationships with those institutions that deliver much needed, and very useful educational opportunities.

Corporate Education

The communication between the companies and educational providers is challenging to access due to the vastly different entities being under one roof. If you can access this information, those of you who employ/involve many people, your companies are obviously in need of this information.

Manufacturing and Construction

Employers require people with skills in order to participate in projects and grow the business. If you are able to demonstrate mastery of these industries, you can help retain and attract employees.


Employers need to know that their workforce has skills that they require to do their jobs effectively. The exact content varies from industry to industry. Firms that are able to market and deliver a quality education to this end should take advantage of what does exist.

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