Which Of The Following Websites Provides Free Learning Content And Apps For Online Courses?

It’s time to create an impactful online portfolio. Find the online courses that your future employer and prospective clients will love.

Learn to do or learn how to do something online, and many options exist on the open web. Right now, you can check out some free educational resources for self-guided study and practice. Your browser might be providing you with a plethora of links to applicable sites, but which one provides the most educational, and easy-to-use, resources?

Dotrise Online Course Workbook With Feedback

Learn a visual e-book, as well as audio reviews and journaling, with this free course workbook that’s also compatible with online chat and course sharing software. You can finish the workbook in as little as 30 minutes. Take notes, use it as a quiz, or write a thank you note to the lesson master.

Step Up YOUR Learning With MyTUbo

A free online beginners’ learning resource for video, audio, and graphic tutorials. To see a catalogue of the free and paid courses, click Here. Use a variety of different categories in Step Up YOUR Learning to explore several perspectives on learning. This open source site also contains links to free educational resources for additional practice.

Screenshot/Okai Biologies

Visit Okai Biologies for a multi-media educational game series featuring top-level scholarship in all biological fields. Help your bio-nerd friends and family learn how to conduct research, keep track of their progress, and compete with other scientists.


Get connected to the world’s leading photoblogs, including a useful resource and user’s directory called Flickr That’s Right. Take a quick look at the top related and recommended posts, and browse the list of featured news posts. This website also contains links to a variety of online communication and communication-centered learning tools, as well as to great free multimedia assets that are helpful for study.


Shtopec is an open-source community of people interested in interdisciplinary educational and research projects, and in discovering new knowledge. As one of the largest and most active communities of educators on the web, Shtopec’s materials can be of particular interest to educators.


PhotoAbroad is an online learning resource for photographers, and is the clear leader of its genre. It has always had a treasure trove of information from the world’s best photographers and places to shoot and learn. Click here to view every photo available for free.

Discover American Photography on Flickr

Find over 400,000 images to support your interests in American photography by searching photos on this diverse collection. Fill your visual toolbox with images from all corners of the country.

OpenVU is a well-known, freely available educational app that is a member of the free Creative Commons community. It enables online learners to offer critiques, compare notes, and mark up their work in a wonderful interactive environment.

Netmums offers free online courses through which participants can gain knowledge of subjects such as culture, health, business, and current affairs.

Explore No Worry

Start, learn, and enjoy. No Worry is an educational media library featuring free, multimedia lessons ranging from self-paced programs to e-books and more. The No Worry Community is stocked with books, audio books, language learning materials, and more.

Download My Codec.me

Coderui is an online platform that offers a one-stop for learning about most aspects of computer science, including textbooks, lectures, lecture capture, and task management. Browse games, activities, and interactive tutorials.

Workspace Search

Go to Workspace Search to view unique educational materials, participate in discussions, and bookmark all your favorite sites and lessons.

The Allergist’s Wife will explain the mechanism of allergy and how to relieve it. There’s a huge library of great educational resources in the Knowledge Vault, and you can submit your projects through its Creative Commons license.

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