Which Of The Following Statements About Online Learning Is True? Psy

Early November 2018 saw the release of George R.R.

Create Instagram or YouTube Content

The question of whether you should spend money creating content for social media platforms or more time at the classroom level can not be answered definitively. Asking if an opinion can be swayed by what you see and hear on social media is a naïve assumption. Your future career development will be clouded by whether or not you develop a following. If you do, will people follow you? Or, will they stick with a non-paying freelancer and write you off?

Consider the options: create, or find ways to engage with the world outside of the classroom. We can find out, with a little research, which tool is the better one for us. As an editorial assistant at Bloglovin’, the same editors I report on are all creating content for a variety of places and platforms. All are creating their own images, videos, and podcasts. Every one has a different method of doing so. Could you give up the glamour of work behind the scenes for the glamour of appearing to your 300 closest friends on Instagram? Does everyone get as much out of an audience as they do from their audience?

Can you get your culture newsletter spread across Instagram? Is it more social to monetize that than to give one to everyone? After all, at least one of you will be left out. Why would you choose one type of personality development tool over another, or attend three different events, when you can be selective to find the one you are looking for?

With the guidance of a variety of people with experience building communities and having something to offer, here is what I’ve come up with:

How do you get your content noticed?

The main consideration of the above question, how do you get your content noticed, must start with how to build content traction and engage your audience. With current tools out there, it is easy to build your audience, but it can be difficult to convert that audience into paying consumers.

While the content analysis and publishing tools have been around for a while, more industry-leading tools are being developed to support artists and content creators. KIND, for example, publishes influencer posts based on engagement with your blog and Twitter. Google Spreadsheet, a B2B content management system, has recently come out that automates the creation of content from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The creators went on to explain how users can view and create messages, showcasing the different posts listed on the site.

Is your social presence negative?

To build an audience on social media and increase follower-to-view ratio, you must be able to draw people into your site or Instagram handle. Is your website slow? Is it under heavy traffic? Are there obvious placeholder tabs left? Do you have duplicate names on twitter? All of these represent opportunities to gain an audience. Look at the ideas of building your audience, and then blend it with making your posts, or a similar trait. Is creating a long-form piece more conducive to draw a wide audience in than posting sub-par posts?

So, in short: Authenticity is king.

Credibility is second. This has been proven with video-on-demand sites and brand videos, which includes Uber, Nintendo, Netflix, etc. The content creators have an audience that is engaged with them based on their body of work and their complete presence. It is important to treat the people you work with, and your audience, with the same respect.

Each of the outlined tools identified above is part of the same bigger picture: represent your community, not your resume. They are tools to distribute your content to an audience, which is so very important to develop and build social relationships.

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