Which Of The Following Statements About Online Learning Are True Check All That Apply

According to your Facebook friends, you can use virtual reality classes, set up quizzes, and they can be real educational experiences if you know what you’re doing.

Jeez, news is getting less and less valid. Recently there have been a bunch of complaints about the truthfulness of certain news sources. This incident came to a head when congresswoman Frederica Wilson asserted that the military gave Donald Trump nothing more than a poorly spelled crumpled letter of condolence, and FoxNews chimed in and said that it was made up, and that Obama never did it to grieving families.

The best thing about the whole Trump-Clinton-Wilson scenario is the glaring lack of correction since the incident happened. Always good to have people try to prove otherwise, but if you prove that things are not what they seem, I have to believe that we have a functioning democratic society which has the resources to right some of these wrongs. As many have said, those supporting Trump do not support the institution of the media, so how can you convince someone to support a thing that is not consistent with the values of a free society? I am only concerned with facts. A person who denies a fact does not like to be challenged, and a democratic society is not able to function. I appreciate the fact that even Fox has noticed this and denied the conspiracy, but I do wish that it would be more consistent with how people tend to believe.

There was a time that schools could promote a belief system, and that system could change, but no longer. If you were married to a parish, your education could be inconsistent with your life, and life could be inconsistent with your education. This problem persists today with Internet.

How else would a person move around the world from one internet platform to another that was different from how she saw or treated others?

On the other hand, as the media makes educated guesses about more facts, there could be more room for doubt. The most famous example of this was the 2008 BCS national title game between Utah and Alabama. Many people suggested that a coin toss could not have decided the most important game of the year. If the game was so important to the entire country, then why would a lot of people consider the coin toss as the deciding factor?

The entire system works best when people can test the validity of claims. The internet is a great place to do this, and in our generation everyone seems to share their beliefs.

Never say that something is not true, because there are often times it is. Even though it is possible for something to be true, as the tests go down through ages, this may be an unethical thing to say and also someone could be using the test as an excuse to not commit a lie, or as a way to reinforce their beliefs. Truth can be read only in stories, and the truth is not always accessible, and any statement that is not universal in its assumptions has the potential of being made up.

People are not gullible; only certain ignorant people will try to convince you that they are. No one who has spent time on the internet would support someone who says something false, but what happens when you show them a photo of someone who looks to be helpful and decide to make this photo the primary proof to believe them? This is even more possible with big tech companies who constantly claim that they are based on fairness and transparency, but fail to put out a statement about this. This is why we have a campaign against fake news, and the plans to change this platform. If you want to change it, you have to shut it down first.

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