Which Of The Following Statements About Online Learning Are True? Check All That Apply.

This article offers a list of statements used across the industry, and what the truth of the statements is.

Which Of The Following Statements About Online Learning Are True? Check All That Apply.

“Around the world, millions of students are self-taught. They found their passion, their medium and they broke through traditional educational barriers.”

I’m a big fan of digital education. I like that I can take a course from my online smart phone and then be able to translate the actual concepts directly to my classroom. If you think you’ve already mastered material and can write your own course, there is another option. You could actually teach yourself the subject in order to achieve all that you want.

Of course, this isn’t all that easy to do. So many things are unknown and new that doing so often requires you to do research, investigate, and apply the subject matter. You’ve got to know what you’re doing. It requires dedication.

In addition to learning new material, or re-teaching old material, you’ve got to be good at spreading that knowledge. We know that often students who teach themselves are the best teachers that other students have ever had. I know, you said you’re used to it. That’s great, but if there are things about the subject matter you simply haven’t been able to wrap your mind around, or if the mechanics of the subject matter are difficult to grasp and allow your conscious or unconscious mind to act, you can’t teach yourself these concepts.

You need someone who can guide you and give you the mental models that you need. There are quite a few of these types of educators out there that use proven methods that get you the information you need without taking your mind off what you are learning.

There are a number of wonderful online education and homework sites in which to master certain subjects. You might have recognized Knowledgerocket as such, it has more than 3 million students and is loved by the educators that use it. There are other such online learning companies that, quite simply, cannot be beat on functionality.

The best of the lot use a blended online/textbook approach. This means that the website that you are accessing your required material from is much better than the textbook you would normally be buying or renting for the classes that you’re required to take. That website allows you to utilize the tools and options that you use in the classroom, and that is in turn allowed to give you the tools and information that you need to help you master your material.

If you check out an article about the tactics behind certain blended education approaches, you’ll see that there are quite a few that teach core concepts in multiple forms. This can potentially be even more beneficial for you. Take for example the excellent guide to classes from Dorian Kolbe and here is a story about students learning how to create a Minecraft tutorial.

This is quite simple and creates some work that students have had to master, but since it can take less than five minutes, is an easy to learn, and it’s something that can be revisited at any time you need the instruction to help you understand it.

The Learning Paradigm

There’s always more to the word “knowledge” than the fact that you are able to decode it. Often times, what is called knowledge can manifest in ways that we never expected. Right now, the term “knowledge” can mean a range of different things to people. If you’re using it to describe how knowledge works, then you’ve got to weigh it against whether or not the description is true for you.

Is it true for me? Check this: just exactly how much time would I have to spend on homework or tests if I were actively enrolling in an online class? I figure if you go through the process, then you probably won’t spend any more than an hour to maybe two hours of your time on homework a night. No matter how much of a jumpstart into learning that you get, this time is going to be for homework on topics or facts that you cannot quite seem to grasp.

The short answer: maybe a little bit, but not a ton. If you and I were constantly diving into material that neither of us could clearly grasp, I would be confident in saying that I would still be a student that was in no position to teach myself. My experience with these kinds of courses has taught me that they’re all highly optional, and that if you don’t enjoy them, you should probably consider teaching yourself the material on your own.

If you think you could have some fun with blended online education, you might consider checking out a website like Learning Parc, which is a solid beginners guide to these types of courses.

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